What the Hell are Golden Goose Sneakers? A Complete Review of my Favorite Designer Sneakers

If you’ve ever found yourself asking any of the following questions then you are in the right place: What the hell are Golden Goose sneakers? Why would someone buy dirty sneakers? People spend HOW MUCH on Golden goose sneakers? What makes them so special? Here is my unsponsored and unfiltered review on GG sneaks!

What the Hell are Golden Goose Sneakers? A Complete Review of my Favorite Designer Sneakers

What the Hell are Golden Goose Sneakers? A Complete Review of my Favorite Designer Sneakers

Why are people buying dirty shoes:

This is actually one of my favorite features about my Golden Goose sneakers. Before I get into the WHY, keep in mind if you like the look of Golden Goose sneakers without all of the scuffs, they do occasionally make fully clean styles! Think of it the same way you think of a pair of good ol’ ripped jeans. It’s just a different look! They look as though they’ve already lived a good life, full of adventure, and encourage you to do more of the same. Have you ever bought a new pair of shoes and stressed about scuffing them up? I am known for ruining a pair of shoes on the FIRST wear. I’m the crazy person who has bought a pair of shoes and then barely worn them because I was afraid to get them dirty. I am never afraid to throw on my golden goose sneakers even though they are the most expensive pair of shoes I own. I get SO much use out of them, which makes it a whole lot easier to justify the price. And since they are known to come with some marks, I feel that any mark that gets on them just adds to the character of the shoe.

What makes Golden Goose sneakers so special:

GG sneakers actually have an invisible lift inside them, so in addition to feeling so comfortable, they also make your legs appear a little longer and leaner, versus a traditional flat sneaker. Both pairs I own are the Superstar style. If you’re looking for an extra lift to elongate your legs try the Hi Star style! They are handmade and hand distressed, so a lot of love goes into each pair. This leads me to my next point: It can be hard to get your hands on the pair that you want. (See below.)

What the Hell are Golden Goose Sneakers? A Complete Review of my Favorite Designer Sneakers

Sell out rate: 

If you see a style you like, chances are within 3 days they will be sold out! They make limited quantities in each of their styles, so it is pretty rare to see someone with the exact same pair as you. I searched for MONTHS for the perfect black and gold pair to complete my Vegas Golden Knights outfits for all of the games! (Anything black and gold is a hot commodity in Las Vegas because everyone is trying to find the perfect outfit for Vegas Golden Knights games.) Yes, I have worn them to every single game we have been to this year! People always ask me about them, but they are completely sold out! Mine are a special edition pair with Swarovski crystals in the stars.


Sizing can be a little bit tricky. Especially because if you buy your size thinking you can always exchange it later, chances are all size options will be sold out by the time your initial shipment arrives. If you’re purchasing from somewhere like Nordstrom who has a good return policy, just buy 2 sizes at once and return the one that doesn’t workout. Stick to your true size. If you are a half size, they recommend sizing up since they do not come in half sizes.

Where to buy Golden Goose sneakers:




Intermix (Typically the most unique selection!)

Neiman Marcus

SSense (make sure you know your size before purchasing here due to their return policy)

What the Hell are Golden Goose Sneakers? A Complete Review of my Favorite Designer Sneakers


Similar to Louis Vuitton or Chanel handbags, the resale market for Golden Goose sneakers is HUGE right now! People will pay more than the original price to get their hands on the pair that they want. And obviously since they come distressed they don’t mind purchasing a gently loved pair. I have a few friends who wear them for a few months and then sell them! Crazy right?

Golden Goose Knockoffs

If you love the style but can’t quite justify the price, I have linked some great knockoffs below. I ordered two pairs of these in order to checkout the quality before recommending them to you. They’re great! They fit true to size and even have the same writing on the tongue and side of the shoe! It took a few weeks for them to arrive. (Knockoffs are pictured in the photo above!)

Well whether you’re jumping on the Golden Goose train or you’re sticking to your simple clean sneakers, I support you. All I know is I am here for it!

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