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Now that some of our home projects are close to being finished, it’s time to start decorating and shopping for our home! There were a few key things like pendant lighting and bar stools that I knew it was time to splurge on. I ended up finding some amazing bar stools and pendant lights, but I’m the type of person who really think through my purchases. I decided to start browsing on Amazon and ended up saving over $1000 by purchasing look alike pieces on there.

Now before I share my favorite Amazon home decor, just know that finding good products on Amazon is very hit or miss. You never truly know what is going to show up at your door. I always read reviews and purchase items that have free returns just to be safe. A lot of ordering and returning went into creating this Amazon Home Decor list! These are the products that made the cut:

Amazon Home Decor Favorites

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Bar Stools:

These come in a set of 2! We ordered 2 sets. They are great quality, easy to clean, amazingly priced, and were extremely easy to assemble. Also available in black.

Counter Edge Cutting Board:

We currently used this where we pour all of our drinks! It doesn’t scratch up your counter and is easy to move around. We have brand new marble countertops so you will notice I have quite a few counter protectant products in this list of amazon favorites for the home.

Cheese Board:

Amazon has SO many fun cheese boards! Great for charcuterie and the type of snack I love to create when hosting. This one is perfect because I love to add spicy mushrooms or olives to my charcuterie boards, so I love the little space for that!

On the go tech wipes:

I have a pack of these in my drawer and a pack in my computer bag. These are perfect to wipe fingerprints and germs off of your phones, tablets, and computers. They are a really convenient size and the rose gold packaging is cute too!

Rose gold bathroom organizers:

These speak for themselves! I love aesthetically pleasing organizational pieces.

Matte Black electric tea kettle:

900 reviews, 5 stars. So pretty!

Color coded microfiber cleaning cloths:

These are awesome! All you need to use is water. They come with a key that tells you which color is for which surface. ie: Your stove, your countertops, stainless steel, glass, etc.

Heat resistant water proof placemats:

Theses come in 15 colors!

Please Hide Packages Doormat:

These come in 20 different funny messages.

Heat resistant silicone pads for hot dishes:

Multiple colors, sizes, and shapes.

Pendant Lights:

We are SO happy with these! They are sold individually. These look identical to other high end brands without the marked up price.

Luxury Bath Towel Set:

These plush bath towels are great quality! They come in multiple colors. Check out the reviews and you will be sure to want these next time you’re in the market for towels. We currently have gray and will switch to white once we eventually remodel our bathroom.

Kitchen runner rug:

This runner is MACHINE washable! It basically has two layers. The top layer can be taken off and thrown into the washer. How awesome is that?!

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