Hello and welcome to Outfits & Outings!

My name is Lauren J Parry, the popular style blogger behind this creative outlet. I love to share outfits, family outings, my favorite products just to name a few. As a former NCAA Division 1 gymnast, I also love to share workouts every once in a while! As far as outfits, you’ll see a mix of casual mom life outfits to workout sets, and feminine flowy dresses.  I am originally from Houston, TX and now reside in Las Vegas with my husband and children Michael (4) and Paige (2) where we are currently remodeling our entire home. (Slowly but surely!) A couple years into our marriage we came to find out my husband Brett is quite  the handyman. As a fireman he has a few days off in a row and started dabbling into house updates and furniture restoration, so I decided to start documenting it all on here. Funny enough, many of my most popular posts include the work of Brett. View my closet makeover by Brett here!

A few fun facts:

If you’re familiar with the enneagram tests, I’m a 6. Where are my fellow over thinkers at?

My favorite date night includes trying a new restaurant.

I love to workout almost every day. It is a release for me.

I will not go to a chain restaurant while on a trip.

My favorite soda combo is coke with coconut syrup and limes.

A great ice breaker is “if you were on death row what would your last meal be?” (It always ends up being a great conversation!) Here’s Mine: sushi, steak medium rare, fettuccini Alfredo with chicken with freshly made pasta, and tiramisu for dessert.

You can find me on Instagram @laurenjparryFacebook, and Snapchat (@laurenjparry)