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This weekend is SPA weekend for this mama, and I can’t wait. When I first became a mom, I had a really hard time setting time aside to take care of myself. Whether it be girls nights, taking a break, or just the usual things like skincare and rest, I wasn’t doing enough of any of it. Over the past year, I have really learned the importance of treating myself in my day to day routine. I have also learned that even just one cute little baby can kickstart the aging process. Crows feet,  anyone?

Since then, I have been trying out so many fun products and tools. I’ve even been making Brett try some! I have really been loving this Ultimate Skin Spa System when I wash my face before bed. I typically take my makeup off first with a makeup wipe so that I am starting with a fresh face. Next, I dampen my skin and cleanse my face and neck on the low speed.

Twice a week I will exfoliate my skin by using my Ultimate Skin Spa System on a higher speed. I always gently rinse my brush out with soap and warm water after in order to keep the brushes clean. I always feel like my skin can breathe so much better after exfoliating, and my makeup goes on so much smoother the next day!

There are 3 different brush heads that come in the cute travel case. (This will be great for upcoming travels!) All brushes have a slightly different purpose:

  • Silicone: gently loosens blackheads and unclogs pores (I only use this one when needed.)
  • Daily Cleansing Brush (I use this everyday.)
  • Exfoliation Brush (I use this 1-2 times per week.)

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Skin Spa System | Robe

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