Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Beauty Favorites

Before we get going on my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale beauty favorites list, did you know Nordstrom has an entire page dedicated to all of the free gifts you can receive with beauty purchase? And I’m not talking tiny wimpy samples. These are good and you can find the entire list of free Nordstrom gifts here. A few standouts are a Dior makeup bag, free La Mer, a Mac travel lipstick set, Benefit Cosmetics makeup set, and a Jo Malone candle just to name a few.

90% of the items on my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale beauty favorites list are items I already own and love. It always feels good to restock on the essentials at a discounted price! Let’s get right to it!

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Beauty Favorites featured by top Las Vegas beauty blogger, Outfits & Outings | Nordstrom Anniversary Sale by popular Las Vegas beauty blog, Outfits and Outings: image of a makeup mirror, T3 curling iron, makeup brushes, foundation, eyeliner, mascara, and lipgloss.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Beauty Favorites: Items I already use consistently and love.

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1. Cashmere Mist Deodorant:

Okay so this is not all natural, and Brett is always on me to use all natural deodorant but I do love sneaking this in when I run out of the healthy stuff. The smell is just SO good! These are normally $30 each, which would equal $90 for three. During the sale you can get three for $69, bringing them to $23 each which saves $21 in the long run. I was actually told this was discontinued, and was SO excited when I saw this!

2. Olaplex:

This has been my go-to shampoo and conditioner over the last 2 years. (Unless I’m using a hair growth shampoo and conditioner!) I occasionally switch things up but end up going back to this. The consistency is so much richer than any other shampoo. I love it. Now I’m not quite sure what I’m missing here but it appears the value of this package is $126, however after looking more into it I’ve found that each bottle is regularly priced at $28 which equals $84… which is the sale value listed. Verdict is: if you need it, it may be worth it to get your Nordy points. If you don’t need it right now I would just wait until you actually need more! Personally, I never used the hair perfecto so I am not going to purchase this set this year.

3. Caviar Eye Shadow Sticks:

These are normally $27 per eye shadow stick, so if you love all three colors this is a great value of $87 for only $65 during the sale. These last so long that I use mine multiple times per week and I still have them from the sale last year. Gross? Probably. Impressive? Yes.

4. BeautyBio micro needling set:

This microneedling device for the face is designed to smooth and firm skin on your cheeks, nose-to-mouth lines, forehead, neck and décolletage. The set comes with the Glo Pro, Nightly retinol repair serum, Skin Prep Pads, a sleep mask, and an empty sanitizing spritzer bottle. I use this a few times per month! (I should use it more often.) You can get all of this for $179, and the GloPRO alone is usually about $200! This set is valued at $354 so if you’ve been debating this it is a great time to try it out.

5. L’Occitane Almond Shower Oil:

I was first introduced to this during a staycation at the Four Seasons and I have been hooked ever since. It smells amazing and leaves my skin feeling super smooth. You can use it as a base for shaving or just for a decadent shower that leaves your skin silky smooth. One small 8.5 oz bottle of this is regularly $25 and you can get a total of 33.8 oz for $50! Such a great deal, and this will last you such a long time!

6. Body Scrub Bar:

I bought this for Bretts stocking years ago and I’ve been stealing his soap bars ever since. I love how exfoliating these are. These are normally $15 each and during the sale you can get 2 for $20.

7. Riki Riki lighted mirror:

I use this when I am filming tutorials and I also like to pack it when I’m unsure of how lighting will be when I’m traveling! It has an attachment to click in your phone if you want to use it as more of a ring light, and your can purchase accessories later on such as a travel case. It comes with a stand, has adjustable light dimming, and connects to bluetooth to take selfies using your phone. Mine is not the rose gold color but I wish it was! Sale price: $130. After Sale: $200-210 depending on the color. (This makes a great gift for a makeup lover!)

8. Better than Sex mascara & lip injection plumper set:

I’ve never stuck to one mascara for so long! This comes with a lip plumper gloss that I have not tried. The mascara alone is usually $25 and for $7 more you can get the eye liner along with it, which is normally $19 alone!

9. Coola sunscreen set:

Coola is one of the few sunscreen brands that doesn’t irritate my skin. (It works great on my kids too!) I prefer the spray, but we use the lotion too. The spray is just such a quick application. This set includes 1 full size and 2 travel sizes, valued at $45 and is $28 for their Nordstrom Anniversary Sale beauty deal.  It is packed with antioxidants and doesn’t have that heavy and greasy sunscreen feeling the most sunscreens give.

10. T3 Curling Iron:

This is the perfect width for loose waves. I have used this for years! This curling iron has a few different heat settings. I use it on the 4th heat out of 5. It is regularly $149 on sale for $99. I’m going to share a tutorial soon on how I’ve been curling my hair with this lately!

11.  Dr Dennis Gross Peel Pads:

These peel pads are a few weeks new to me after a ton of recommendations from friends. A 60 treatment supply is worth $266 and for $178  you can get the 6o treatment peel pads retails for $150 PLUS a full-size Alpha Beta Exfoliating Body Treatment (2 boxes with 16 applications each.) I use the peel pads daily, and I’ve been wanting to try the body peel.

12.  Oribe dry texture spray:

Once you try this dry texturizing spray, there’s no going back! The negative is that it’s pricey ($48 per bottle) and the positive is that it lasts a long time. The dry shampoo is the same price, but during the Nordstrom anniversary sale beauty deals you can get both for $64. This equals out to $32 per bottle, or buy 1 bottle get the second for $16!

13. Anastasia Brow Set:

This set is really user friendly when filling in my brows. I use the color medium brown and like to use the clear brow gel to keep my brows in place. One brow pencil is $23 and for $33 you can get 2 brow pencils and the mini clear brow gel. ($55 value)

14. Charlotte Tilbury Collagen Lip Bath Gloss Trio Set:

Collagen Lip Bath is a hybrid lip enhancer inspired by media filters that plumps up your lips to make them look fuller and healthier. This set is valued at $105 and sells for $68 during the sale. I picked this one up in stores yesterday! I love their lip gloss, and it’s so nice to be able to wear glosses again since we couldn’t with masks.

15. Eye brush set:

I own quite a few brushes from this brand and not only is the quality awesome, but the brushes are soft and last a long time.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale by popular Las Vegas beauty blog, Outfits and Outings: image of a young girl using a silicon face scrubber.

(My little model! She saw me linking this and ran into the bathroom and brought it over. It’s not hers, but it feels so dreamy on your skin that she loves to play with it every once in a while.)

16. PMD Clean Pro RQ:

I actually have an entire review post on the  PMD Clean Pro RQ! It is incredible! You can wash your face with one side, then the other side (rose quartz) heats up as you massage your serums into your skin. It feels so good.   Click here for a discount and review on the PMD Clean Pro RQ. 

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale by popular Las Vegas beauty blog, Outfits and Outings: image of a Pillow Talk lip, cheek and eye set.

17. Full Size Pillow Talk Lip Cheek, and Eye Set

This set is stunning! I walked past it in stores and couldn’t resist. Especially since it has my favorite highlighter wand in it, which alone is $38. This set includes full-size Pillow Talk Instant Eyeshadow Palette, Full-size Pillow Talk Beauty Light Wand in Light/Medium, Full-size Pillow Talk Push-Up Lashes Mascara in Super Black, Full-size Eyeliner in Pillow Talk, and their famous Full-size Matte Revolution Lipstick in Pillow Talk.

18. R45 Reversal Skin Transforming Set:

A patented three-phase booster system that works over 45 days to help transform the benchmarks of aging signs, including pores, spots, lines and texture. I have seen results from friends who have done this and it is incredible! It’s a 3 part set that you use over a 4 day period, and it its hard to find on sale. Set also includes Full-size R45 The Lift Advanced Neck Contouring Treatment. This is valued at $235, and is $150 during the sale. Start with phase 1 daily until you run out, then move on to phase 2, then phase 3.

More Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Beauty Favorites & Major Steals:

I would love to hear what your personal Nordstrom Anniversary Sale beauty favorites are! Hope you enjoy this list! For more Nordstrom anniversary sale highlights click here!

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