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After a hectic week I love to unwind with some fun in the sun. I’m not quite sure the last time I had a week as crazy as the last! There is just something so refreshing about some good old Vitamin D in your system. (See, I told you it’s been a crazy week.. I originally said Vitamin “C!” Today I am so excited to share about Moroccanoil’s new Sun Lotion Collection, which you HAVE to try!

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From tan extending products to everyday SPF moisturizers and sun oils, Moroccanoil has everything you need to get the most out of your fun in the sun. If you’ve ever tried their hair products then you can already guess how amazing their Sun Lotion Collection is!

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I am really picky when it comes to sunscreen and tanning oil, and I have to say these pass the test. I actually love how the sun oil gives me a slight glow without making me look all greased up.

moroccanoil sun collection

Moroccanoil Sun Collection:

After Sun Milk: This coconut and passion fruit oil infused after sun milk enhances and extends your sun-kissed glow. There is nothing more sad than having your perfect tan quickly fade away, so this is a must!

Body Buff: This body scrub is made with exfoliating sand, apricot, and olive seed to polish away dead skin cells. Simply massage this in a circular motion on dry or damp skin until it is absorbed. It is extremely hydrating so I love to apply it to my legs when I wear dresses and shorts!

Sun Oil: Love this stuff! It helps speed up the tanning process to give you a perfect glow. You should apply this 15 minutes before you head out into the sun!

Face Lotion SPF 30: This lotion can be used as an everyday lotion and sunscreen! It is really lightweight, which I love. Plus, it is so important to use a moisturizer with an SPF in it to helps with the aging process.

You can view the entire Moroccanoil Sun Collection here!

Here’s to more unwinding, to more “me” time, and to more fun in the sun! Who’s with me?




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