My Tried & True Beach Bag Essentials

Spring Break is officially here in Vegas! Making it to a pool on a regular basis is a must here in the Vegas heat. We also always try to make a few escapes to California during the warmer months, and I thought it would be fun to share some of my pool day and beach bag essentials with you guys today!

beach bag essentials

My Tried & True Beach Bag Essentials

A Good Towel

Over the last year I have really stepped up my towel game. I just love a good towel that makes pool pictures better, folds up thinner than your typical old school towel, and is usually much larger than a regular towel. Mine is from Bersuse, and they have so many cute styles.  Mine is actually not meant for the beach, but I really wanted this pattern and I loved that it was XL. I have linked to some of my favorites from them below. If you see a style you might like, be sure to click on the image because most towels come in tons and tons of color options. Their XL beach blankets are currently on sale and under $30! I take ours to the park all the time.

An Ice Cold Drink *minus the ice*

I’m a total drink person. I don’t really like drinking water, but I can drink fun drinks all day long. In the picture above you can see my pink drink (strawberry acai refresher with coconut milk.) Another favorite of mine from Starbucks is the sweetened passion tea lemonade. A little tip if you’re going to be outside all day: I love to order my drink “iced with no ice” so that it is cold, but ice isn’t taking up half of the cup. You get so much more of the actual drink when you do this! Then I pack my favorite cup and straw and it keeps things cold all day. It is a 30 oz cup, so no need to refill it every few sips. You can fill that baby up with ice and your beverage of choice, and it’s going to last. The cup is made to keep your drink Seriously Ice Cold (hence the name SIC.) These straws fit perfectly with the cup. When you sip through this straw it makes your drinks extra extra cold. Who knew straws could be so exciting? I’ve been bringing this cup everywhere.


I have two favorite pairs of sunglasses right now: One designer pair, and one pair that is under $100. I typically like to have a pair that I can take with me on a trip and not stress too much if they get a scratch here and there. Le Specs seem to be my go to lately as far as affordable sunglasses go. They have so many fun styles starting at $59 and they don’t feel like cheap sunglasses. Below you can find some of my favorites! The first pair is my designer pair, and all of the rest are Le Specs!

beach bag essentials

Swimsuit | Sandals | Towel | Macaron Brush

Milk + Sass Hair Brush

We all know I love macarons, so I think this macaron bitesized detangling brush from Milk + Sass is just the cutest thing ever. I have one in my car and one in my purse at all times. You guys went crazy over these over on SnapChat! They come in the cutest colors like mint, lemon pistachio, and rose petal to name a few. When you pop the top off, one side is a brush and the other side is a mirror. They are such a good price point and I’m just obsessed with mine. Sidenote: They actually detangle your hair opposed to many mini brushes I have tried that don’t do much of anything.

Beach Bag

It wouldn’t be a proper beach bag essentials list without including actual beach bags! I’ve been wanting this arc bag SO bad, but reality is that when I’m headed to the beach or pool I usually take a large tote and fill it to the rim. Wouldn’t it be nice to just carry around that cute bag with some sunnies, chapstick, and sunscreen!? I think it is SO pretty, and I might have to buy it for my upcoming cruise. Below I’ve linked to some adorable and more realistic beach bags!

Sunscreen + Tanning Lotion

Without a doubt, my favorite tanning lotion is Maui Babe Browning Lotion. A few years ago, it was only available in Hawaii. Now it is available in select stores and has turned into Amazon’s number one selling tanning lotion. I love the smell, and it creates amazing results! My favorite part is that you can layer it over sunscreen and you will still get the bronzing effects of the Maui Babe. My go-to sunscreen is $6 and feels more like silky lotion than sunscreen. I really can’t stand feeling sticky or chemically when I’m applying sunscreen, which is why I really love Hawaiian Tropic products. Did I mention it smells amazing!?

Cover Up

I brought this off the shoulder cover up to Mexico and it was the perfect lightweight dress. When I had a little too much sun, I would just wear it on my shoulders instead of off the shoulder. It takes up barely any room in your beach bag and suitcase, which is a major plus. The dress is available in 3 different colors and is under $60! My other favorite cover up is this Kaftan maxi. It is so dreamy and looks way more expensive than it is! It is the kind of cover up you can also get away with wearing to dinner. It is stunning, and I always receive questions about it when I post pictures from our latest trip! You just can’t go wrong at $64. The first two dresses linked below are the ones I have, and I have also included a few other beautiful cover ups that are on my “want” list.


A good pair of sandals are a must for the beach. I have two really simple pairs of sandals that I always pack on every single trip I go on. (This tan pair available in 18 colors, $59; This black pair available in 11 colors, $40. Both are linked below.) They are guaranteed to match everything in my bag. It’s always fun to pick out a statement pair of sandals to bring along once the essentials are packed. Check out my two must have sandals that match everything, along with some fun statement sandals under $100!

BITE Agave Lip Mask

If you haven’t tried this yet, buy it now and thank me later! Although it is called a lip mask, it’s really just the most moisturizing lip balm you will ever use in your entire life! I put it on throughout the day and even sometimes before I go to bed. No one wants dry lips when they’re out in the sun all day, and I think moisturized lips can brighten up someones entire face! This doesn’t just make my beach bag essentials list, this makes my favorite products of all time list. It comes in 3 shades, but I stick to the natural (clear) color. One tube will last a really long time. It is worth. every. penny.

I hope you guys have enjoyed my list of tried and true beach bag essentials! I’d love to hear some of YOUR favorite essentials when you’re headed to the beach or pool. Leave a comment below if you think there’s something I must try!

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