Back From The Beach: A Sea of Blue

We are back from our quick little getaway to San Diego, and I almost felt like I needed a vacation from my vacation. I never truly understood what people meant when they said that until I had a baby.

I remember when beach trips were relaxing! Now, a day at the beach is anything but that. Needless to say, we still have so much fun at the beach. It’s just a different kind of fun. Michael made sure to keep us nice and busy running up and down the beach with him. I thought this picture was hilarious because this was literally me the entire day.

We managed to shoot a few of my favorite beach outfits that I packed for California. I must have been inspired by the ocean, because everything I wore was blue! This cover up is just the perfect dress for a relaxed beach look. I love the fit, and a cover up with pockets is basically like gold, you guys! At under $60 this is a must have. (Available in 3 other colors here. Order 1 size down.)

Another favorite beach find of mine is this adorable off the shoulder swimsuit. It is just such a nice, comfortable swimsuit that you don’t have to worry about sliding around. When I had moments here and there to lay out, I would take the sleeves off and tuck them in for more of a bandeau look.

off the shoulder bikini

I was so excited when I saw this cute “Catchin Waves With My Faves” tank. Isn’t it so fun for a day at the beach with your family or friends?

catchin waves with my faves

mom and baby boy

Call me crazy, but I like to have a different swimsuit for each day of a vacation.  I love having different photos from each day, even before I was a blogger. 😉 There’s just something so fun about vacation shopping! My favorite black one piece has been worn so much I the past couple years, so when I found this similar one in light blue, I was so excited. The lines in this swimsuit are extremely flattering. If you don’t love the blue, you’re still in luck because it comes in 4 different colors.

blue crochet one piece

crochet swimsuit

Below you can find links to all of these items, including the beach tent that I can’t live without! (It zips all the way up so I can throw some toys in there, zip up Michael in the tent and take a power nap.) It is 60% off right now!

Of course, Michael needed a swimsuit for each day as well. Can we all just take a moment to appreciate a cute little boys swimsuit sans cheesy animals all over it!? Gosh those things can be hard to find. You can shop all of his looks below the next photo!

cute baby swimsuit


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