A Day in Grand Cayman

Our favorite stop on our cruise was to Georgetown in the Cayman Islands. Growing up in Houston (only an hour away from Galveston), we were able to go on lots and lots of Royal Caribbean cruises growing up. (They are by far our favorite cruise line!) I have been lucky enough to visit seven mile beach quite a few times and couldn’t wait to spend a day on the beach with the family!

I was excited to show Brett how beautiful it is there, and he ended up loving it! As you can see, Michael had an absolute blast as well.

Although most people suggest swimming with the Sting Rays in Grand Cayman, we just decided to have a relaxing day on Seven Mile Beach. It was Election Day there which meant just about everything in the town was closed. I thought it was pretty neat to see how they treat their Election Day as a holiday. Not a single place on the island was allowed to serve alcohol on Election Day, which left a lot of cruisers pretty bummed. We stuck to our typical virgin Pina Coladas and enjoyed our fun in the sun!

If only I had this moment on video… a huge long black fish started swimming around us in circles and weaving in and out of our legs. Luckily the water is clear enough that I could see it was a fish and not a shark! It ended up ramming into my leg leaving a scrape, or battle wound as I called it. 😉 My dad heard me scream from the other side of the beach.

My sister was laughing too hard to capture the actual moment with the fish, but we managed to get lots of laughing pictures after the fact.

Michael was totally rocking his Platypus Australia swimwear. Tight little swim shorts are my absolute favorite for boys! They have the cutest boy and girl swimwear, and I can’t wait to add some more to the collection. I am actually hosting a giveaway with them over on Instagram today, so if you’re a mama, head on over to enter! (@laurenjparry)

Dear Grand Cayman, we love you and we will be back. 

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