Lip Fillers 101: All the Info You Need to Know + Before and After Pictures!

About a month ago I had lip injections! It was my second time doing them and I received so many messages about them. Many people were shocked about the entire process as I shared on Instagram Stories because it is one of those topics that people don’t really talk about. I think it’s important to share before, after, and in between, because this isn’t just something for people who want to look “fake.” No, I didn’t want duck lips, or lips that were without-a-doubt-injected. I just wanted natural looking, fuller, plumper lips. The kind where if I wasn’t sharing about them, people wouldn’t necessarily know.

Lip Fillers 101: All the Info You Need to Know + Before and After Pictures!

First of all let’s start off with why I chose to have lip fillers injections. My top lip is extremely thin, especially when I smile. It is something that has always bothered me.  I started noticing my lips more and more – probably partly because as a blogger, I am constantly taking pictures. I learned how to relax my top lip a little bit when I smiled, but quite often it appeared that they were curling up as I smiled showing way more of my gums than I would like. Exhibit A:

Lip Fillers 101 + Before and After Pictures featured by top US beauty blog, Outfits & Outings

Lip Fillers 101: All the Info You Need to Know + Before and After Pictures!

I did a lot of research before I ever had lip injections, mainly because I have seen a LOT of bad lip injections: lumps, sticking out in unnatural ways, and lips that were way too big for my preference. Definitely make sure you go to someone who has a good reputation!

Second, make sure they are using a good product because all lip fillers are different.  Be sure to show them what you have in mind. If you search “lip fillers” on google, it is pretty easy to come across a large selection of before and after photos. Feel free to tell them what you don’t want as well in order to ensure everyone is on the same page. (Just keep in mind that everyone’s lip shapes are different so try to find before photos of lips that are similar to yours.) Lastly, Never ever go somewhere just because it is cheaper. This leads me into my lip fillers FAQ with more details on what we used!

Lip Fillers 101: All the Info You Need to Know

Lip Fillers Cost:

Price varies depending on the product used. I would say 1 syringe is about $500-$650.

Lip Fillers Product Used:

Juviderm Ultra Plus

Lip Fillers Pain Level:

It hurts. A LOT. They use creams or shots to numb, but you will still feel pain during and after the process. I suggest asking if they have a vibrator tool that you can hold! I also held a stress ball in the other hand.

Where did I go for my Lip Fillers:

White Coat Aesthetics in Las Vegas.

Lip Fillers Recovery Time & Process:

The first 4 days are the most intense in my opinion. I iced and took Benadryl over the first few days which helped a lot. Thankfully White Coat Aesthetics provided me with a cute little mini ice pack that was the perfect size for my lips! Take a look at the progression photo below! While some people bruise, I only had a tiny bruise on the corner of one of my lips. It took about 2 weeks for mine to fully settle. We went out for Brett’s birthday dinner the same night, and I was 1. embarrassed to go out in public and 2. barely able to eat because of the pain. Be sure to keep timing in mind when you are booking an appointment.

Take a look at my swelling below:

Lip Fillers 101 + Before and After Pictures featured by top US beauty blog, Outfits & Outings

Additionally, know that it is normal for a lump of product to appear. Always communicate with your nurse or doctor! I made sure to stay in contact and in my case White Coat Aesthetics just informed me to massage it occasionally and it has settled for the most part.  This brings me to a very important point: definitely go to your follow up appointment to make sure things are healing correctly!

*Tip: Always carry a good lip balm around with you! My lips were extra dry during the healing process!

How long do lip fillers last & what if you don’t like them? 

It is different for everyone however 12-18 months is standard. Last time mine lasted 1 year. Most of the people I know who get their lips done go back a little after a year to get them redone.

I have never had to do this, but you can have them dissolved (by injections) if there are any issues.

How much lip fillers product did they use?

I did 1 syringe. I can’t imagine doing more than that but from what I’ve read, quite a few people do more!

Receiving lip fillers and adressing something I have always been self conscious about has definitely boosted my confidence. Of course in between the sweet messages I have received some negativity throughout this process. While I think there is a very fine line when it comes to injections and lip fillers, I do understand both sides of the spectrum. No, I’m not here to persuade or pressure someone to get lip fillers, however, if I’m able to help just one person feel slightly more confident in themselves, it is all worth it to me!


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  1. You made a great choice as your lips look so natural. They look pretty painful in the next day picture.