Cute Face Masks Roundup & How to prevent ‘Maskne’

The time has come. Face masks are now mandatory here in Las Vegas! Wearing masks on the regular can cause some major breakouts, which some are calling ‘Maskne.’ Today Im sharing a roundup of cute fasce masks and 8 tips on how to prevent ‘maskne.’ Be sure to scroll down to the end of the post!

Cute Face Masks for Women

(Click on any face mask in the image below for more details or keep scrolling for 8 tips on how to prevent maskne.

Cute Face Masks Roundup & How to prevent 'Maskne', tips featured by top Las Vegas life and style blogger, Outfits & Outings

How to Prevent Maskne

      1. Only wear clean masks. Even if you didn’t wear your mask very long, wash it to remove sweat, bacteria, dirt, and oil from your face and mouth.
      2. Wash your masks with fragrance free detergent.
      3. Don’t wear makeup.
      4. Always wear a good moisturizer. Since your mask will be rubbing against your face as you breathe and talk, it is important to keep your skin balanced! Dry skin will create more irritation. I love this vitamin c hydration cream.
      5. Cotton is said to be the best material as far as preventing ‘maskne.’
      6. Wash your face as soon as you have the chance after wearing a mask.
      7. Use a spot treatment at night, or even during the day since you won’t be wearing makeup, and the acne will be covered by a mask. Here are a few favorite acne spot treatments:
          1. Kate Somerville Eradikate
          2. Tata Haper Clarifying Spot Solution for blemish prone skin
          3. These pimple patches for early stage and newfound zits

      8. Let your skin breathe when possible! These hat shields are a great way to follow guidelines while keeping the irritation off of your skin.

    Shop these Cute Face Masks:

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