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As a new mom, I appreciate girls night outs more than ever. Sometimes we need to get out and pamper ourselves, which is why I decided to organize a fun girls night. We typically hit up a good restaurant and chat for hours, which is fun and all, but this time I wanted to switch it up. The five of us decided to get blowouts at Vent Blotique, a blow dry bar in Downtown Summerlin. We were pretty excited for a little TLC because most of us had never received a blowout before, including myself.

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From the moment we walked in, it was apparent that Vent pays attention to detail. The beautiful chandeliers, the endless amount of hair products perfectly displayed, and the overall adorable setup already had me wishing I could just come here every few days to get a blowout. I was swooning over all of the products available for purchase. Vent even carries Obliphica, which I’ve been hearing friends and bloggers rave about lately.

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Vent offers four different styles: bombshell, beachy, classic, and chic. First, we chose our styles, then we let the relaxation begin. She wrapped my neck with a perfectly heated towel as soon as I sat down, and I knew I was in good hands.

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I was so intrigued at all of the different products that the stylists used during the blowout process. My hair was washed with Living Proof shampoo and conditioner, along with a few other products. I really started to realize that I should start using a few more hair products in my every day routine once we headed back to the chair. She probably used about 8 different products in my hair, but it never felt heavy or greasy in my hair. The girls at Vent Blotique are so well informed and knew exactly how to tailor the experience for each different set of hair. I felt like a kid in a candy store as the products were going into my hair… I wanted everything. I learned that THIS is the worlds greatest dry shampoo.

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Throughout the night we played around at the ‘Try Bar’ where you can test out some of the products. I love this because it’s so much better to test out the products before you purchase them. I loved these products:

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What’s better than hanging out with your besties while someone else styles your hair perfectly? I’m not quite sure. Getting blowouts was an absolute blast.

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The Style

I went with the beachy style. With each day, the curls seemed to relax a little bit more. My hair felt healthier and softer than it has ever felt.  Next time I’m in need of a little TLC, I’m going to try out the classic look, which is a simple round brushed look.


We left feeling like a million bucks, and like we never want to wash or dry our hair on our own ever again. The blowouts lasted 3-5 days for all five of us. Thank you Vent Blotique for such a fun girls night out. We will definitely be back.

To view the menu of services and for locations, click here.


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