4 Healthy Hair Tips

Dry Shampoo

  1. Limit washing: Growing up I used to wash, blow dry, and straighten my hair every single day. Now I try to go four days without washing my hair. Shampooing too often can get rid of the natural oils in your hair, causing it to become dried out and brittle. It takes some time to train your hair in order to go this long without washing it. Start out going two days and  slowly work your way up. On the third day I start to use Dry Shampoo in order to combat the grease.  It may take some testing out in order to find the right dry shampoo. I love love love this dry shampoo because it is light on the hair, smells amazing, and keeps my hair feeling fresh. Unlike most dry shampoos, this one is not aerosol. You lightly squeeze the bottle and puff out a tiny amount onto your scalp.
  2. Opt for non heat options. Blow drying, straightening, or curling on a day to day basis can damage the hair over time. When it’s time to dry and style your hair, by all means, use the tools, but try to go with options that require slim to no styling the next day.

fishtail braid

3. Use product. This is a huge one that I haven’t always been good at. I started using three products: I try to use a nourishing cream prior to blow drying my hair to help lock in the moisture. I’ve been using this styling cream and it makes my hair feel like I just had a fresh blowout. My hair gets a little wild after I dry it, and it helps eliminate some of the craziness. I use oil on my hair daily, even if I’m not styling it that day. Using a moisturizing hair oil gives it a nice shine and also helps keep my extensions healthy since they don’t create the oils that our natural hair creates.  Lastly, I try to remind myself to use a heat protectant before styling my hair. I don’t know why it’s so hard for me to remember to use product on my hair, but simple changes like these can make a huge difference over time.

Dry Shampoo

4. Braid it up. Braids are a fab break from the heat and a major time saver! I love to whip out a braid on day four when my hair isn’t as fresh anymore. I’ve found that my braids usually look best when my hair isn’t freshly blown dry anyways!

fishtail braid

Healthy Hair Tips

To achieve this style, split your hair into two sections. Take a small outer piece from the left section section and cross it over to the inside of the right section. Take a small outer piece from the right section and cross it over to the inside of the left section. Repeat this using thin pieces of hair, keeping the braid tight, until you have reached the bottom of the braid. Spray with hair spray and pull the braid apart for a fun thick braid!

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  1. I have blown dried my hair every day I get out of the shower. No wonder I have so many issue with my split ends. I need to cut it down to maybe a couple times a week. I guess I can start trying to let my hair air dry from now on.

    1. You could also just cut down on how many times you wash it so that you don’t have to blow dry as often! Sometimes I prefer to not air dry because my hair gets a little crazy. Once I cut down on how much heat I was putting on it, it made such a big difference. Hopefully that helps!