Zella Vs Lululemon: Workout Pants

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Zella Vs LuluLemon

The warm weather is finally here! You know what that means… pool days! Warm weather also means stepping up my workouts, and nothing motivates me more in a workout than new workout clothes! I love the sheer detail on these Zella capris.

Since I’m always wearing leggings, people often ask me the big question: What’s better? Zella vs Lululemon? Let me start off by saying thats TOUGH. If you aren’t familiar with Zella, it is a Nordstrom workout brand similar to Lululemon. I actually prefer Zella workout pants over Lululemon’s for a few different reasons:

1. The price point is about $30 cheaper. (Plus, my favorite Zella pair is a part of the Nordstrom anniversary sale right now!) This means I can stock up on more than one pair at a time!

2. The waist bands on my Zella pants don’t cut into me like my Lulus do… aka no love handles. *Note, I do like the waist band of Lululemon align pants aside from the price point!

3. Zella aren’t see through 😉

4. More comfortable.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Lululemon.. especially their tops. I’ll take Lululemon AND  Zella all day, but Zella pants take the win for me!  I became hooked on Zella pants when I was in search for the perfect pair of full length black leggings. I found the Zella Live In Leggings and fell in love. Definitely give them a try since they are on sale! Although they are workout leggings, I wear mine all year round with clothing and boots as well. If you haven’t tried them, I highly recommend giving them a try!  I’ve converted many of my friends over from Lululemon Wunder Unders to Zella Live In Leggings! They re a closet essential.

There you have it folks. My verdict on the Zella Vs Lululemon debate: Zella.


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  1. I love your zellas! After being late to the lululemon game but falling in love nonetheless, I just ordered my first pair of Zella’s to try as a comparison. Very excited and thanks for your great review.

  2. Hi Lauren,
    I am a Zella converter as well! (Although I still love me some lulu.) I only have a Zella top and jacket but want to try the Live In Leggings. Do you know the size conversion from lululemon to Zella? I have a 6 in lululemon Wunder Unders and was thinking a M in Live in Leggings.


    1. Hey!! I would try a medium first, although you can always order a S and M and then send back whichever one doesnt work best. I switch off between a 2-4 in lulu and I wear a size small in most zella pants. Hope that helps! xoxo