Workout Tips from a Busy Mama

Some of my most frequently asked questions relate to health and fitness! I thought today I would answer a few of your questions, share a few of my favorite products, workout tips, and tricks that help me stay fit. If there’s a question I missed, feel free to leave a comment at the end of this post! Outfits are from Zyia Active and can be found here!

Workout Tips from a Busy Mama


Get In A Routine

One of my biggest workout tips is that something is better than nothing. I workout about 5 times per week… sometimes more, sometimes less. This may sound very unrealistic for your schedule, and that is totally ok! It can be overwhelming to jump right into a workout routine, so I suggest easing into it. Start out with 2-3 days per week and work your way up. My average workout is an hour, however sometimes it just doesn’t fit in with my schedule.

It is really helpful for me to have a few go-to workouts that I can do anywhere. Think about all of the time you spend scrolling through social media or watching tv, and try to convert some of that time and energy into a workout instead! Watching your favorite show? Do some exercises during the commercial breaks. Sometimes I will focus on a different body part each commercial break, and it can become quite the workout. A lot of you have been LOVING my 8 minute ab workout.  8 minutes may sound like nothing, but I can promise you your abs will be feeling the burn.

workout tips for moms

When No One Can Watch Your Little Ones

Okay, now here is where things can get a little tricky or frustrating. (If you don’t have kids yet, skip this paragraph. 😉) As soon as I had Michael, I would walk a few miles every day because I wasn’t cleared to work out yet. I was finally cleared and then came the part where I tried to figure out how I was going to make it to the gym now that I had a baby. Not working out was not an option for me, so this is when I started getting creative. (Yes, my current gym has a day care, but I still don’t feel comfortable taking him there 17 months later…That’s a topic for another day.)

I started using stairs, benches, and other things at the park to get my workout in while Michale hung out in his stroller. I have even shared a couple workouts on the blog, like my stair workout and my total body bench workout. After packing up the stroller, I would run to the park (.5-1.0 miles depending on which park), get my workout in, and run or walk back home. We recently added some gym equipment to our garage to make it even easier to get a good workout in. (Game. Changer.) Do you guys want to see a post of our “at home garage gym?”

The Good Stuff

We could all use a little motivation, am I right? One of my FAVORITE forms of motivation is new workout clothes. It may sound funny, but one of my biggest workout tips is to treat yourself! My cute friend Karlee is a rep for Zyia Active, and I am in love with their stuff. I recently wore these Zyia joggers to a cabin trip, and I think I talked about how amazing they were the entire night. (Sorry, friends. 😉) I’ll admit that I can be a bit of a brand snob when it comes to athleisure wear, and Zyia makes the cut! I dont just want cute leggings. I want leggings that are supportive and flattering. Both of our tops, leggings, sports bras, and jackets in these photos are from Zyia and are linked at the end of this post. Everything is really high quality, and you can check out the shop here. Nothing makes me want to workout than a new workout outfit.

workout tips for moms

I also love to have cute workout accessories, like my S’well water bottle that keeps things extra cold. This bag from Happ has been the most amazing bag. I have had it for about a month and so far I’ve used it as a carry-on, as a diaper bag, and as a gym bag. It fits all the things. You guys would die if you saw how roomy it is on the inside.

Partner In Crime

During the days that Brett is home from work, we take turns working out. One of us stays home with the baby, while the other is at the gym and then we switch. Sometimes we are lucky enough to workout together if my mother in law offers to watch Michael, which saves a couple hours of our day!

One thing I have found really helpful is trying workout classes with friends. I feel like if I commit to meeting up with a friend, it is so much easier to stick to the schedule. Even if you don’t want to go to an actual class, meeting at your house or a nearby park is just as good. If I tell myself I am going to workout at home (alone), it can sometimes get skipped.

*Workout Tip: choose athleisure wear that works from studio to street so that you can grab a bite to eat after! (Our favorite is acai bowls!) Making fitness fun makes all the difference.

Outfit Details

My Outfit: Leggings | Top | Jacket | Shoes | Bag 

Karlees Outfit: Leggings | Top | Jacket | Shoes | Water Bottle

Thank you Anne from Shop1020 for taking these photos!


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