When Pregnancy Nesting is in Full Force

When Pregnancy Nesting is in Full Force by popular Las Vegas blogger Outfits & Outings

Well, pregnancy nesting is in full force over here! I honestly thought pregnancy nesting was a fake thing until I was pregnant with my son a couple years ago. Let me tell you … I get bossy! Luckily I have a husband who is equivalent to my very own West Elm designer. Today I wanted to not only share a fun outfit, but also talk about some of the ongoing projects we have in our house. When I was pregnant with Michael, I suddenly felt like I couldn’t function until all of the paint in our house was changed, and I typically don’t have too much input or interest in house things.

When Pregnancy Nesting is in Full Force by popular Las Vegas blogger Outfits & Outings

Pregnancy Nesting in Full Force

This time around, we have some really fun changes coming along in our home. I really want to love every single room!

The Office

Since the office will be turning into Michael’s new room, we decided to turn the messy junk closet in a more functional space. We took the doors off and turned it into a little built in desk and office. Brett actually just finished it, and you may have seen sneak peeks if you follow me on Instagram. I have an office reveal blog post coming very soon and we can’t wait to show you what Brett did to the space! I actually had fun styling the shelves, which is something I usually hate. Here are a few things I picked up:

When Pregnancy Nesting is in Full Force by popular Las Vegas blogger Outfits & Outings

See Ya Later, Dining Room

I can’t handle looking at my dining room table and china hutch any more. I feel like it is such a waste of space that never gets used. We like to keep the majority of our toys in the playroom upstairs, but toys always make their way downstairs. I want to create a really pretty, simple, neutral colored playroom downstairs. I’m thinking just an area rug, a wood table, a chalk board, and only a few toys and books. I have seen some really pretty ideas on pinterest!

Toy Storage/Organization

I am desperate to get a handle on organizing Michael’s toys! Brett is going to build some sort of chest or bins for the play room because the clutter is out of control. We have been looking on Pinterest, but haven’t fell in love with any ideas just yet.

When Pregnancy Nesting is in Full Force by popular Las Vegas blogger Outfits & Outings

Making the Nursery Girly

For some reason I was having a hard time figuring out simple touches to turn the nursery into a girly room. There is a pallet wall in there right now with off white furniture. I have been leaning towards adding blushes, creams, and a few florals to the room. Oh, and possibly a fun rug. I finally ended up ordering a few things last night. Here’s what I have in mind so far:

Creating a Sports Themed Bedroom for Michael

I have spent so much time searching for the perfect sports themed bedding, but I decided that we’re going to keep the bedding simple and add sports themed things all around. I just ordered this linen bedding in gray during Pottery Barn’s buy more save more event that just started. I think it will be perfect, and I can always add a fun baseball pillow to it.


The last item of pregnancy nesting business is decluttering! I try to donate things quite often, but clutter can build up so fast! Especially as a blogger, receiving all of those fun PR packages that you see me open up on Instagram stories can really add some major clutter. I just need to go through a room each week and really focus in on getting rid of things I don’t need and organizing. Everything should have a space and it’s killing me that it’s not the case right now.

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