Best of the Nordstrom Winter Sale

Good morning! The Nordstrom Winter Sale is here, and I’m pleasantly surprised because there are so many items that I have posted about that are now under $25. (Grab this in every color while you can!) Plus, despite the name ¬†of the sale, there are a ton of Spring and Summer options to gear us up for the warmer weather ahead! I divided it up into 2 categories: items featured on Outfits & Outings that are now on sale, and then my overall favorites! Happy shopping!

nordstrom winter sale  by popular Las Vegas fashion blogger Outfits & Outings

To shop the full Nordstrom Winter Sale, click here.

Nordstrom Winter Sale: Favorites

Nordstrom Winter Sale: As seen on Outfits & Outings


So, friends. what did you end up getting? Let me know in the comments below!

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