New York Fashion Week 2017 Day 2 #NYFW

We started off day 2 of New York Fashion Week 2017 with a little blogger brunch at Hotel Hayden. I had been anxiously waiting to whip out my new purse for the first time. Isn’t it so pretty!? I wasn’t quite sure what to wear since I wanted to save some of my more detailed outfits for specific shows and events, so I decided to go with this little black dress. Let me tell you… a little black dress will never fail you!

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Everyone needs a simple black dress that they can always fall back on. Not sure what to wear? Go for the black dress! My dress was a bit of a splurge, but I get SO much use out of black dresses over the years. I love that they can be easily accessorized for any occasion. I’ve linked to a few other adorable simple black dresses (of all different price points) below:

New York fashion week 2017 recap NYFW

Although the actual food and service was sub par, the company and conversation was fabulous. It is always so fun to meet up with other bloggers. Pictured above: ChelseaOlivia13, TheDandyLiar, DressMeBlonde, Me [Laurenjparry], DiscoDayDream, and LifeLutzurious.

short sleeve black dress

After brunch we had blocked out quite bit of time to shoot outfits because ASHLEY LOYER had arrived! She shot our photos during the remainder of our trip and I just love her. I’m actually sad that I didn’t get a photo WITH her. She is adorable, talented, and such a good person.  We shot some photos at Battery Park, which was just a couple minute walk from our hotel.

perfect short sleeve knee length dress for any occasion

Dress | Bag | Heels

faux leather moto leggings, long white top, black pumps

I really enjoyed how low key our day was. Sunday is probably the slowest day at New York Fashion Week. After shooting a few outfits with Ashley, I stayed in this fun outfit from Evereve. We all know how much I love my Spanx leggings! I even had a chance to explore the mall next to our hotel. Kate Spade had the cutest New York sweatshirt, and I just couldn’t resist to take it home as a souvenir of my first time at New York Fashion Week. To celebrate my new find, I enjoyed my first New York hot dog from a food cart next to our hotel. I’m the kind of person who really enjoys my alone time, so it felt nice to enjoy the fresh air, have some time to myself, and prep for a busy busy Monday.

white tee for leggings with statement necklace

faux leather legging outfit

faux leather leggings outfit with long white top, Spanx Moto leggings, and black pumps

Top | Moto Leggings | Heels | Purse | Necklace

New York nouveau York sweatshirt

We had a couple shows to attend Sunday evening, but we opted for having a sit down dinner together instead. We ate at While We Were Young, and it was the prettiest  little restaurant. I felt like it was straight out of Pinterest! *Wearing the new Kate Spade Sweatshirt!* I wish we had time to go back in the day time to capture just how perfect this little place was. We went to bed and prepped for a busy busy day on Monday!

Photos taken by Ashley Loyer.

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