Everyday Style + My “Problem” with NYFW

casual outfit idea

I’m headed to NYFW at the end of the week, and I’m realizing more than ever what my “true style” is. I am usually pretty good about not comparing myself to others, but oh my goodness… Fashion Week preparation can be so stressful! I am overthinking the heck out of my outfits, and I think it’s mostly because I have such a simple every day style.

graphic tee style

I love providing outfit ideas that are practical, everyday style options that work for any type of woman in any situation. While I am at fashion week I am going to show you guys just how “out of the box” some of these people’s outfits are! (More power to them… it’s just not me!) I have spent so much time trying to curate the perfect outfits that are the perfect combination of my personal style with a little extra fashion week edge.

everyday style

If you guys only knew just how many orders I have placed! (It is embarrassing!) But today I woke up realizing that I just need to stay true to my style, which is what you guys like to see, and just do MY thing! Comparing yourself to others in any situation can lead to negativity, questioning yourself, and lowered self esteem.. all things that I normally steer clear from!

It’s okay to be different, even if your “different” is being having a simple everyday style! I can’t wait to take you along my first NYFW experience in just a few days! There have been so many questions about how fashion week works, what exactly goes on, and how to “get in” to fashion week. Keep on sending your questions in and maybe I will do a pre-fashion week post on what I’ve been up to in the weeks leading up to fashion week.

wearing a graphic tee

I have always loved the quote “A flower does not think of competing next to the flower next to it, it just blooms.” NYFW has been a huge huge goal of mine since I started my blog, and it’s time to embrace this exciting milestone in my blogging career! Stay tuned for my NYFW coverage! XOXO

simple casual every day style

Tee | Skirt | Loafers c/o Robert Zur | Handbag c/o Thacker NYC

Photography by Ashley Loyer

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