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I’m really into planning things out, so I’m still laughing that we planned a California trip and left less than 12 hours later! We’re currently in Laguna soaking up every last ray of sunshine summer has to offer. After our quick beach trip, we will be heading north to much colder weather. I just looked at my weather app and almost changed my mind…18 degrees!? How??  That’s about 85 degrees colder than the weather Las Vegas has had the past few months. I plan on having one too many cups of hot chocolate this weekend!

lightweight sweaters


Today I’m sharing 15 simple lightweight sweaters under $100 that are perfect for transitioning into colder weather. A lightweight sweater is a must have staple in your closet. Once you have a simple go-to sweater that you love, I promise you getting ready becomes a whole lot easier. Jeans and a sweater are the easiest outfit! You can add a cute necklace and booties, top it with a scarf, or layer it with a jacket once its really cold outside. Most of these are available in multiple colors so if you see a style you like, click to view all of the color options.

15 Lightweight Sweaters Under $100

4 Sweater Outfit Ideas


sweater outfits

sweater outfit

sweater outfit


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