Fall Family Pictures + 6 Tips for Taking Photos with a Toddler

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Fall Family Pictures

Me: Dress | Shoes

Husband: Jeans | Shoes | Top

Michael: Top (Hudson, sold out) | Jeans (favorite pair of baby/toddler jeans!) | Shoes

My dress may look familiar to some of you because I actually wore last year’s version in our Winter family photos here. I just couldn’t pass up this year’s gorgeous fall spice color for our Fall family pictures. Unfortunately this dress has sold out, but I have linked to similar dress styles and colors above. We took these photos during our trip to Yakima, Washington, and I love how they turned out!

In last year’s family photos, I shared 5 tips to improve your family photos. This year I am excited to share about one of my number one questions lately: “How do you get your toddler to cooperate during photos?”

6 Tips to Taking Pictures with a Toddler

Adding a child into the mix is a whole new ball game for family pictures. I honestly had no idea how much more difficult it would be until we had Michael. Say goodbye to the days where you just skim through all of your photo options and choose the ones where you look the best! (Sorry, husband.) I’m sure I am really in for a rude awakening when we have even more children, but I have found a few tips along the way that have helped us get some great family photos with our little monster.

1.Forget all of your healthy eating rules.

Pack as many snacks as you possibly can without making your pockets bulge in photos. See all those smiles? It’s because Michael is eating candy. 😉 Make sure the food is small enough so that he isn’t chewing something in all of the shots.

2. Choose your location wisely.

I really love being in locations where we aren’t worried about cars, nearby streets, or other people. We can do our thing, take our time, and don’t have to worry about too many factors.

3. Let your toddler run the show.

Yes, I said it. If they want to sit down, let them! Some of our favorite shots are when Michael decided to plop down on a nearby rock. We have some adorable shots of him on his own, and then we kneeled down to give him kisses. If they want to run, take advantage of that time to take some photos with you and your husband! I also made sure to plan it around nap time this year so that he wasn’t cranky.

4. Take turns.

It is so special to have one on one photos with your toddler. Take turns loving on your toddler while your spouse stands near by and makes them laugh.

5. Make sure everyone is comfortable.

There has to be a statistic somewhere that shows when people are in uncomfortable clothes in family pictures, they are automatically more grumpy. This year I made sure everyone was in something they felt comfortable in. Last year, Michael’s shoes were falling off, Brett had worn the same sweater for 3 different family photos already, and I forgot to wear a slip under my dress. This year was so much more calm, and I felt like we were all wearing something we felt comfortable and natural in.

6. Always smile.

This one is so important! Especially when you are shooting with a photographer who knows not to just capture the posed shots. Smile when you are going to pick up your toddler. Smile when you’re fixing their hair. Smile at your husband and tell him you love him. Sometimes the action shots and in between are my absolute favorite, as long as I have to remind myself not to let my RBF show. 😉

Photography by Ashley Loyer.

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