The 10 Best Birthday Freebies You Should Sign Up For

I think it’s safe to say we all love a little extra something on our birthdays! Since it’s my birthday week, today I’m sharing 10 of my favorite birthday freebies worth signing up for!

The 10 best birthday freebies to get on your birthday!

While we are on the topics of birthdays, I have to say that I had such a great day! To be honest,  I didn’t have too high of hopes and was thinking it would be a pretty normal day. (I think everyone should make their birthday an extra special day!) The best birthday present is just spending time with my husband because we are having a bit of a crazy year between his work and school schedule. I knew eventually we would have a date, but dates are far and few between right now. He was at work for the next couple days, so I planned a few things throughout the day. I started off the day with a knock at my door. It was a special delivery of Sprinkles cupcakes from my blogger friend Jocelyn!  It was the best start to the day. I went to lunch with my good friend Amber at a Thai place in town called Nittayas Secret Kitchen. (We had been wanting to try it for quite some time and it was just as good as everyone says!)

The initial plan was to go to Lifetime to layout and relax while someone else entertained Michael for two hours. Of course he fell asleep in the car so I ended up just driving home to let him take a good nap. I attempted to lay out in the one tiny corner of my backyard that had sun because it was such a beautiful day. I’m so glad we went home because Brett SURPRISED ME and took the night off of work! We went on a date at Andiron (shoutout to my brother in law and sister in law for watching Michael!) and then ran into the halloween store next to the restaurant and finally figured out what we are all going to be for halloween. It was such a good, simple day.

10 Best Birthday Freebies Worth Signing Up For

Birthday Freebie #1: Sephora: Free Gift.
I always love their birthday gifts! They are totally worth stopping into the store for. All you have to do is sign up to be a beauty insider, which is basically a rewards system that keeps track of your points! The current birthday gift is a travel size set from either Caudalie or Tarte Cosmetics, which are two really amazing brands. It is so fun to walk out of Sephora with a fun new product to try without spending a single dollar!

Best Birthday Freebies #2: Victorias Secret: Free Panty.
This coupon will arrive in the mail. If you receive all of their coupons in the mail, then this one is sure to come! Sometimes they will also send an email copy of your coupon, however this year I only received it as a physical mailer. Sign up for their deals and coupons here!

Best Birthday Freebies #3: Godiva: Free Chocolate.
Create an account either in stores or online at Godiva and you will receive a coupon for a free treat on your birthday. I redeemed mine for a truffle!

Best Birthday Freebies #4: Ulta: Free Beauty Item.
This year the free gift is a travel size IT Cosmetics Superhero Mascara, which is one of my favorite mascaras! All you have to do is join their Ultamate Rewards program.

Best Birthday Freebies #5: Anthropologie: A Coupon Worth Saving.
Okay, although this isn’t a complete freebie, a coupon at my favorite store is ALWAYS worth it. Sign up for their AnthroPerks emails here, and you will receive a special discount off of your entire purchase about a week before your birthday!

Best Birthday Freebies #6: Starbucks: Free Drink, Food Item, or Treat of choice!
Sign up for Starbucks Rewards, and you will receive a free treat on your birthday! I especially love that it applies to all drink sizes!

Best Birthday Freebies #7: Firehouse Subs: Free Medium Sub.
Everyone loves Firehouse subs! Sign up for their emails here in order to receive a free sub on your birthday! The only downside is that the coupon is only applicable on your exact birthday. Not a day early or a day later, which is kind of a bummer. But hey, if you’re free stop on in for a free sub!

Best Birthday Freebies #8: Cafe Rio Coupon.
Alright here’s another coupon that isn’t necessarily a complete freebie, but you can receive $5 off Cafe Rio on your birthday! I mean… technically that would be free chips and queso or Tres leches! This is a total win in my book, and the coupon expires a couple weeks after your birthday.

Best Birthday Freebies #9: Coldstone: Free Ice cream.
Be sure to sign up for Coldstone’s emails because not only do you get Buy 1 Get on Free (any size) ice cream on your birthday, but they send pretty good coupons frequently!

Best Birthday Freebiess #10: Kona Grill $15 gift card.
I always love this one, and it gets used every year! I love their sushi menu, and their chicken macadamia chicken. Sign up for konavore emails here.



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