Top 23 Best Baby Products on Amazon

Top 23 Best Baby Products on Amazon featured by top US mommy blog, Outfits & Outings

Well, the list is finally here! My top 23 best baby products on Amazon.

Amazon became my best friend the moment I became a mom. I’ve definitely had my fair share of products I didn’t love, need, or wasn’t impressed with, but amongst the trial and error I have fallen in love with quite a few baby products! I hope you enjoy the list. It was so hard to narrow it down! I hope this list comes in helpful whether you’re shopping for a baby shower gift, you’re a mom yourself, or if you’re figuring out your baby registry!

Best Baby Products on Amazon:

  1. Car Seat Carrier 2. Softest baby wash cloths 3. $7.99 beanie, multiple colors available 4. Onesies, multiple neutural colors (a must have for newborns!!) 5. Soft pajamas (boys & girls) 6. Clip on Stroller Fan 7. Knee High Sock 5 set 8. Baby Safe Nail Polish 9. Toy TV Remote (also available in pink) 10. Soft Copper Pearl Swaddles (so many good patterns!) 11. Baby Rattle, multiple colors available. 12. Draft baby detergent 13. Baby Float 14. Nuroo Swaddler 15. Munch Mit for teething (get 2!) 16. Noodle & Boo Cleansing Cloths 17. Boudreaux Butt Paste 18. 5 way nursing cover/car seat cover (multiple partnerns available.) 19. Nummy Boobs Teether 20. Hakaa Pump 21. Baby Moccasins (multiple styles and colors) 22. BebeMuff ear protecting headphones 23Brush on Sun Block

Top 23 Best Baby Products on Amazon Explained:

    1. Car Seat Carrier This is a MUST for traveling! (Once your child is forward facing. Personally when I am traveling with a rear facing car seat, I click it into my stroller and gate check it. But once we are using a big bulky forward facing seat this is a game changer. Best part is that it leaves some extra room in there and I like to stick some of my bulky shoes in a bag and throw them in there that typically weigh down my suitcase.
    2. Softest baby wash cloths
    3. $7.99 beanie, multiple colors available (this was one of my most asked about baby items this past winter! Such a good price!)
    4. Onesies, multiple neutural colors : these are a must have for newborns! This is all Paige wore in the beginning. I did a thermal one too and its as my favorite!
    5. Soft pajamas (boys & girls) These are a recent discovery that I absolutely love! The cost of pajamas can add up quickly, and I really like pretty colors and non cheesy pajamas. These are a great light weight material and there are boy and girl options!
    6. Clip on Stroller Fan : it’s always good to keep this in your diaper bag during the hot months!
    7. Knee High Sock 5 set : a personal favorite… there is nothing like a cute little dress on a baby with knee high socks and their cute little legs showing! This is the best pack I have found. I love the colors and the price. Believe me, I have tried a lot.
    8. Baby Safe Nail Polish here is a fun one! As a first time girl mom, I’m loving every little thing about having a girl. Of course painting her nails is included! (Easiest if she falls asleep in my lap.)
    9. Toy TV Remote (also available in pink) It seemed like the only thing Paige ever wanted to play with was our tv remote, so I ordered her her very own toy tv remote. It’s easily one of her favorite toys. (it has a couple different volume settings!)
    10. Soft Copper Pearl Swaddles (so many good patterns!) These are my favorite swaddles! I honestly didn’t use the other kind of swaddles much this time around. These are buttery soft, stretchy, and easy to swaddle in.
      Top 23 Best Baby Products on Amazon featured by top US mommy blog, Outfits & Outings
    11. Baby Rattle, multiple colors available. both of my babies loved these!
    12. Draft baby detergent Our favorite baby detergent. It smells so good! I actually wrote a whole post on my favorite baby detergent & why we don’t use our normal detergent on baby clothes here.
    13. Baby Float : I think it’s good to have a couple different floats! I do enjoy the ones that offer shade as well, but this one is great!
    14. Nuroo Swaddler : The only swaddles I put my babies in at night! You will find a lot of different swaddlers out there, but this one is a super nice breathable Lululemon like fabric. (The kids got too hot and uncomfortable in the target ones!) It grows with your baby so there are a few different “pockets” to put them in from newborn and up.) I can’t recommend this enough!!
    15. Munch Mit for teething (get 2!) Have you guys heard of these? You put them on your babies hands and they chew on them when they’re fussy/teathing. The material is kind of crunchy sounding so it distracts them in more ways than one. I carry these around when I’m doing errands or when we have baby sitters! It’s a great little tool to help the teeth and the fussiness.
    16. Noodle & Boo Cleansing Cloths : Don’t be fooled. These are in a completely different category than wipes. They are cleansing cloths that smell like heaven. The smell is seriously so good. Keep a pack in your house and a pack in your car for those messy days… blowouts, spit up, etc. Wipe them down with one of these and you can continue on with your errands!
    17. Boudreaux Butt Paste I’ve tried quite a few diaper rash creams and I still think this one is my favorite!
    18. 5 way nursing cover/car seat cover (multiple partnerns available.) I use these for nursing, as a car seat cover, and also as a shopping cart cover so that she doesn’t put her hands and mouth all over the shopping cart. They are the same material as the super soft swaddles I mentioned above. They have adorable patterns for boys, girls, and some fun gender neutral options as well.
    19. Nummy Boobs Teether Ok I actually got this as a joke when I left Brett with the kids for a week, but Paige actually loves it!
    20. Hakaa Pump : This is a milk collecting pump that you use one one side to collect the let down while you are nursing on the other side! You will be so shocked at how much milk you would have otherwise lost! It’s a great way to stock up on milk and not let it go to waist. I also carry it in my purse If I’m not going to be able to pump for a long period of time, just in case.
    21. Baby Moccasins (multiple styles and colors) Worth the splurge! I have passed Michael’s down to Paige because they wear so well. I actually think they get better with age. I love the neutral colors best like brown, gray, and tan.
    22. BebeMuff ear protecting headphones great for sporting events or anything loud!
    23. Brush on Sun Block : Saved one of the best baby products on amazon for last. This stuff is gold! One of my friends introduced me to this and now we’re all hooked. You brush this mineral powder sunscreen on, and it can be used on adults and is safe for kids as well. It doesn’t get sticky and is just so much easier to apply than regular sunscreen! Definitely worth the price!


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