Workout Outfit + Fit Tip of the Week

workout leggings

workout outfit

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workout leggings

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Workout Outfit

It’s almost ironic posting this today because I’ve barely had any time to get in a good workout this week. I’ve done a few things here and there, and I’ve been walking around 19,000 steps a day working the anniversary sale… but it just doesn’t compare to a good workout. I absolutely love this workout outfit. The Moto leggings look great with everyday outfits too, which is the BEST! I saw someone traveling in them with a cute cardigan and I fully intend to copy their outfit.

Fit Tip of the Week:

I wanted to share a quick workout tip with you guys today, and it might surprise you:

Stop doing sit ups.

Yep, I said it. Why? Because there are 1000 other exercises that take up the same amount of time and energy that work SO much better than a sit up. Try doing something that engages more of your core. My favorite ab workout takes 7 minutes, and we ALL have seven free minutes in our day. I’m going to be sharing it soon so stay tuned.

But until then, try getting creative. Start laying flat on the floor, lift your legs (straight or bent) and your chest at the same time to do a V up. These are worth much more of your time than a crunch or sit up. Another exercise I love is butt ups. Lay flat on the floor and lift your legs to create a 90 degree angle. This is your starting position. Lift your toes up and down an inch or two, but the key is don’t let you feet rock back and fourth. The only direction your toes should move are up and down, and it should be a very controlled movement.

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