10 Minute Workout: Ab & Shoulder

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This week here in Vegas we’re getting a glimpse of warmer weather. It made me SO excited for Spring and Summer! (Mainly Spring because summer here is WAY too hot.) I thought a 10 minute ab and shoulder burner workout would be the perfect way to kick off this week of sunshine. Swimsuit season is among us, people!!

I tried on these leggings “just for fun.” (Always a bad idea.) Of course once they were on, I couldn’t say no to them. They are so amazing! These leggings are the most stretchy comfortable material, different than any other Lulu leggings I have. They are the perfect combination of holding everything in while maintaining comfort. I love the high waisted trend, but sometimes I feel like it’s a little suffocating. These are comfortable all around. There are reflective details for night time running and a few pockets in them in case you need to store your keys, phone, snacks, etc.

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10 Minute Workout: Ab and Shoulder Burner

This workout only takes 10 minutes to do. Surely you have enough time in your day to add this 10 minute workout routine! Repeat this workout two times through. Do your best to not take breaks. You may need to shake out your shoulders a little, but get right back into it after. Set a timer on your phone so that you immediately go from one exercise to the next.

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