My 10 Favorite Purchases of 2017

Come join me as I take a look back at my favorite purchases from 2017! I’m talking clothing, beauty, splurges, and more. What were some of your favorite purchases of the year? (I’m sure throughout the day I will end up thinking of a few other items that I should have put in this post, so there may be more than 10 later on!)

1. This Concealer

I feel like it took me YEARS to finally find an under eye concealer that I truly truly love. Shape Tape covers up my dark spots, doesn’t crease up under my eyes, and provides all day coverage. The best part is that it doesn’t look cakey on. I’m all about covering up the dark, but still looking natural. I use the color Light Neutral. Do yourself a favor and try it if you haven’t! (I see the best results when I apply with a damp beauty blender.)

2. 721 High Waisted Jeans

I cannot tell you how much I love these high waisted jeans, and they are the cheapest jeans I own! I have posted these quite a few times on my Instagram and always receive such fun messages from you guys once your jeans arrive. Here is one of my favorite messages: “I love you for sharing those jeans! Holy crud I just got them and they fit wonders! I finally feel hot! Thank you Lauren!” I love the look of a simple black tee tucked into a good high waisted pair of jeans.

3. Live In Leggings

Zella Live In Leggings come in a multitude of different colors and styles, however the high waisted black pair has been my favorite this year! They do not ball up or thin out over time. They are perfect for working out or even paired with boots! I love that I can wear them in the gym or out on the town, and I especially love that you can’t see through them at all. At under $60, you can’t go wrong. I bought my first pair 4 years ago and they are still in great condition!

4. A Denim Skirt

This skirt was my warm weather go-to! It finally went on sale after months and months of being full price. Buy them now people, the prices are only going to go up come January. Favorite way to style a denim skirt: a breezy tee and sandals!

5. Stance No Show Socks

Where have these socks been all of my life! I finally found a pair of socks that stays put and is extremely comfortable. I highly highly recommend these! I have converted all of my friends to these.

6. Royale Flats

I’m positive you’ve seen these gorgeous flats around town. I can’t get enough of mine! I have gotten use out of them during every single season this year. They were a bit of a splurge, so I really wanted to make sure that I would get enough use out of them. Little did I know, they turned into my most worn pair of shoes this year! Totally worth it.

7. Apple AirPods

I didn’t expect to love these headphones as much as I do. They are perfect for so many different people whether you take work calls on your phone (yes, they have a speaker), prefer wireless headphones while you workout, or even if you just want some headphones that allow you to be hands free at home. My favorite times to use mine are when I’m working on the computer but don’t want to distract or wake Michael, when I’m picking up the house and want some music motivation, or when I’m at the gym. They come in the perfect little case that charges them while they are being stored. I seriously love these you guys!

8. Wrap Coat

Here are a few of my favorites starting at just $60! This is a must have in the winter time. I love that they are extremely comfortable, yet have a chic look to them. Wear it open to show off your outfit, or wrap it up to keep you nice and cozy.

9. This Belt

Sometimes you just need to treat yourself! I splurged. I bought this Gucci Belt, and then was only able to wear it for a few months since I’m pregnant. BUT during those few months of being able to wear it, I wore the heck out of it and can’t wait to fit in it again after pregnancy! (Hello, motivation.) It only took me 3 times to finally order the right size. (I’m a newbie to the world of belts.) For the record, I am a size 25 in jeans and a size 75 belt was perfect!

10. Adidas Childrens Size Shoes

WHO KNEW a size 8 in women’s equals a size 6 in kids? I have found so many steals this year on Adidas thanks to that little secret. Many of the styles look the exact same but are significantly cheaper.

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