My Weekly Workout Routine with Skins

I just love the feeling after a good workout, and good workout gear makes things even better. I absolutely love finding new high quality workout gear that looks cute and feels great. Today I’m excited to share my current weekly workout routine, and highlight some of my favorite pieces from SKINS!

Before we get into my weekly workout routine, lets talk workout gear. I am pretty particular about new workout gear. It has to be comfortable, flattering, and breathable. I have to feel good in it, otherwise it will just make it’s way to the bottom of my workout drawer. I also look for clothing that can be worn from “studio to street.” Meaning, I want clothes that I feel comfortable and cute enough in to wear them from my workout class to running a few errands after. As soon as I took my new SKINS clothing out of the packaging, their name made total sense. SKINS Sportswear really does feel like a second skin. The material of every single item I have is just perfectly done.

compression leggings + a weekly workout routine schedule

I have really been into high waisted tights lately. I am wearing the A400 Skyscraper tights here, which provide core support and really smooth everything over. They even keep you feeling cool and dry when it’s warm out and warm when it’s cold.

high waisted compression tights

skins sportswear

The light pink tank I’m wearing can be found here. I love when tanks dip a little bit to show off the sports bra. It is the most lightweight material, perfect for the warm weather in Las Vegas. It has sweat wicking fabric to keep you dry, and I think the T bar back is so cute. If only I had this top when I was training for my half marathons!

puffer running jacket

This puffer jacket is hands down my favorite piece I have tried from Skins so far. I have a thing for puffer jackets and this one is an absolute perfect fit. It is actually a running jacket, which means it is flexible, wind proof, and water proof! I don’t know about you guys, but running in cold weather is a major turn off for me. It is so much easier to skip a run or workout when it’s cold outside. I can already say I will be wearing this jacket day in and day out as soon as the temperatures drop a little more!

skins sportswear | high waisted compression tights, puffer jacket for running

Everyone has those days where they just want to take the spandex off… am I right? It’s no secret that I have a thing for joggers. My last pick from SKINS are these amazingly cozy tapered sweat pants. They can be worn during a workout or just lounging around, and I promise you won’t want to take them off.  A little tip for my sweat pants lovers: If your sweats taper in at the ankle, you will look 100 times better in them! I love rocking a tee, joggers, and sneakers when I’m out and about for a comfy effortless look.

the best joggers + my weekly workout routine

My Weekly Workout Routine:

I receive tons of questions about my weekly workout routine! It is constantly evolving, but I wanted to share a glimpse at my current schedule with you guys. My favorite things to workout are my booty, abs, and back!

Monday: Either back or booty at the gym. I workout for one hour and really try to exhaust whichever muscles I am focusing on.

Tuesday: I never miss my Barre Bootcamp class! This is one of my favorite classes. It works on defining and sculpting your body with a low impact workout. Personally, I feel most satisfied in a workout class when I feel my muscles burn and shake rather than a cardio type of workout.

Wednesday: Wednesday is the day I switch it up every week! I think it is so important to not get bored with your workout routine. Sometimes I will find a new workout class to try, or I’ll do cardio (my least favorite). Other times I will set a timer for 10 minutes and choose a different muscle each time to exhaust for 10 minutes non stop until an hour is up. Example: 10 minute abs, 10 minute glutes, 10 minute biceps, etc. This is also the day that I will experiment  with different workout ideas I have found from Fitness people I follow on social media. (You can find my ab workout here and my leg and booty workout here!)

Thursday: Rest Day!

Friday: Barbell Class (A total body workout similar to Body Pump!) I do pretty heavy weights during the squats, lunges, and back workouts, and lighten it up quite a bit for biceps, triceps, and chest.

Saturday: Workout at our home gym. Typically back or booty…whichever one I didn’t do on Monday. (I don’t like going to the gym on Saturday because it is extra crowded.)

Sunday: Walk a couple miles with Brett and Michael in the stroller. (Sometimes we will sneak a little at home workout in together.)

Thank you SKINS for sponsoring this post! I absolutely love your workout gear!

Photography by Christine Olson


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