What it’s really like to be an Uber Driver-Parter + a Las Vegas City Guide

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One thing that always amazes me is the different walks of life I have met from my endless amount of Uber rides. Every Uber driver-partner had a different story of how they ended up there, but they all had one thing in common: They love their job. I had the opportunity to sit down for a chat with Patricia Nissen, one of Uber’s top driver-partners who just so happens to live in Las Vegas. From her unique city recommendations  to her positive perspective on life, Patti’s “casa on wheels” is one that will leave you feeling like you should work for Uber, too.

Her previous position as a coast to coast transportation driver and her current full time position as a casino host has helped create the perfect combination as a way to her to connect with her riders. When someone gets into her car, the very first thing she asks them is where they’re from. Patti almost always connects to her riders on a personal level due to her extensive travels across the country in her previous job. As soon as I mentioned I was from Houston she started naming off all of my favorite hidden gems in Houston! I loved the instant connection. She always gives first timers the best scenic route throughout the strip. Last year Patti purchased a car specifically for her riders with a panoramic view, to give them an extra special treat when they driving down the Las Vegas strip.

becoming an uber driver

Patricia moved to Las Vegas two years ago and had been living paycheck to paycheck working in the casino industry as a concierge. She had acquired a big credit card balance from new home expenses, and her goal was to pay off her credit card debt in a little under a year. When Patricia began driving, her goal was to work 9:30pm to 4:00am after work to pick up some extra money. Uber offers a new way to earn on your own terms, and the flexibility is unlike any other job. “I love it. You can just get into the car, turn your app on, and you’re good to go,” said Nissen. Nissen typically begins her Uber after she gets off of work at night and is able to seamlessly work around her other job. Within 5 months of driving for Uber, she had far exceeded her earnings goal.  During her first year, she made more money driving with Uber than she did from her full time job. It was a life changer for her.

Uber has given her the financial freedom to not stress about money. Last year she was able to pay off her debt, this year she has been able to save money, and her goal is to save enough for a home. She is now  able to treat her family to special experiences like family vacations and was recently able to surprise her mom with a brand new phone. She wouldn’t be able to do any of the things she experiences without Uber. Her full time job pays for her mortgage, car note, insurance, cell phone, etc. Her Uber income is for everything extra she chooses to do.

Uber drivers guide to Las Vegas

She always shares the best places for her riders to visit while they are in town. I was lucky enough to get a peek into Patti’s guide to the city. You won’t find a Las Vegas city guide like this anywhere else!

Patti’s Las Vegas City Guide

Hash House a gogo

Incredible breakfast food with huge portions and a unique menu. Must try: Bloody Mary.

Nacho Daddy

Stop by Nacho Daddy for some gourmet nachos at an affordable price.

High Roller 

Best view of the city. Make sure to check online for deals!

Golden Gate Hotel

Ever had a shrimp cocktail? The shrimp cocktail originated at the Golden Gate Hotel.

Tao Beach Club


Skyfall lounge on the 64th floor is a great place to hang out and see the strip.

Tuscany Suites

Her favorite place to gamble. There are only four family owned casinos and this is one of them. All of the prices in the restaurant are still “old school.”

Red Rock Canyon

Rather than travel to the Grand Canyon or Hoover Dam, stop by Red Rock Canyon! It is only $7 and there are 13 different stopping points throughout the canyon.


Inexpensive tapas! Four people can eat for about $50, and you are able to try a little bit of everything.

Bahama Breeze

Half price appetizers and drinks for happy hour on Monday Through Thursday!


Her favorite show on the strip!

uber driver ratings

Going Above & Beyond

Tipping is now available in the Uber app, but Patti still feels that the rating is the most important thing you can do for an Uber driver-partner. So what makes her rides so special? Customer service is key, however she also likes to include added amenities such as tissue, gum, caffeine pills (welcome to Vegas!), phone charger, motion sickness bags, discounts on drinks and show tickets. Patti often entertains her guests with trivia about the Las Vegas Strip. She has 5 different stations on SiriusXM depending on the rider. It is all about them so she looks at their age, how they are dressed, where they’re headed, and tailors the music to them.


uber driver tips

Patricia has a few words of advice for new Uber driver-partners. “You are going to learn through experience. Get to know the history of your city because knowledge is power. Make sure you have a full tank of gas! Be the best customer service representative you can be. Amenities are a bonus, but they are not necessary. Customer service, however, is necessary,” said Patti. “Always make your riders feel comfortable: let them chose front or back seat. Go to the meetings, see what the changes are, get familiar with your app because it is extremely helpful. This is your own business. How do you want to run it?,” she continued. Lastly, she suggests trying out different places around town so that you can give true recommendations and comparisons.

uber driver patricia nissen

When Patti is done for the night, she is able to use the Destinations feature to only pick up riders who are headed in the same direction on her way home. Her absolute favorite thing about being an Uber Driver-Partner is the beautiful souls she meets. Patti looks forward to making more special connections and friends throughout her journey as an Uber Driver-Partner and left me with this quote: “There are no strangers in our lives, just millions of friends we haven’t had a chance to meet yet.” – William Butler Yeats.


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  1. These photos are beautiful! Also, I love that you made Uber more personal by introducing the people that are making the app successful. I’ve had so many great Uber rides while traveling and it was because of the drivers going the extra mile to make the trip enjoyable.

  2. Wow, I really loved this post! Patti seems like a hardworking hospitable lady. I loved how she really put in a lot of effort to her second job at Uber by making sure she was knowledgeable about the city, making sure she catered to the customer through music choices, and having necessities in the car too. Little details making big impact. Such a great way to connect with her guests even more so . Her concierge spirit is showing 😉 FANTASTIC POST! Thanks for sharing! Xo

  3. Absinthe is a must see! Get ready to laugh 😂
    Love her site seeing/food suggestions. I will keep your guide for our next trip to Vegas! And Uber has been awesome for us at home and away.