Our Favorite Things to Do in Yakima, Washington: Trip Recap

When you tell anyone from Washington that you’re headed to Yakima, Washington, they will all ask the same question: What in the world are you doing in Yakima? The past two years we have gone on a quick little getaway with friends here, and I hope the tradition continues until we are all grandmas. Today I’m sharing a little trip recap along with some of our favorite things to do in Yakima!

rickrack lake Washington

rimrock lake

Rimrock Lake

rimrock lake Washington

toddler photos

dad and baby

The White House Bed and Breakfast

mom and toddler

toddler kiss

toddlers holding hands

bench family photo

things to do in yakima Washington

baby on Polaris

10 of our favorite things to do in Yakima:

1.Rimrock Lake

We spent an entire day boating at Rimrock Lake. The views are gorgeous, and so was the weather!

2. Columbia/Snake River

We went to the Snake River last year, and it was a blast! I think I prefer Rimrock Lake’s views over the Snake River, but they are both so much fun.

3. Zesta Cucina

If you are a foodie, you must eat here. Their seasonal Peach Creme Brûlée is to die for! I am pretty picky about pasta, but the blackened chicken pasta I had was absolutely perfect.

4. Hang out by the pool with coconut Cokes.

My friend’s family has a really fun pool, so we spent a good amount of our time there relaxing by the pool! One of my favorite poolside drinks is coke, coconut syrup, and limes! (Plus, she has a pebble ice machine which makes everything better.)

5. Float the Yakima River

We had a fun girls outing one day and enjoyed floating the Yakima river! We stopped at an orchard and picked up fresh berry bars, peaches, and cherries to snack on as we floated down the river.

6. Brunch at The White House Bed and Breakfast

This place is straight out of Pinterest. The dreamy White House can be seen in some of the photos above. They serve fresh salads, sandwiches, berry lemonade, and yummy desserts. We will definitely be coming back here!

7. Play Outside

We had so much fun enjoying the outdoors! We played tennis, made a giant slip n slide, picked fruit from the garden, Michael giggled at all of the farm animals, and we went on Polaris rides around the property.

8. Dinner at Cowiche Canyon

I really love the entire feel of this place. Plus, it is fun to take a peek at the downtown area.

9. Farmers Market: We were told that a large amount of the produce in Seattle’s farmer’s markets come from Yakima! This was the best farmers market I have ever been to. (I’m still dreaming of the street tacos we ate there… apparently Yakima is known for their Mexican food!)

10. Shoot family photos with Ashley Loyer!

You guys know I am picky about photos, so I started doing my research well before we headed to Yakima. I wanted to shoot some outfit photos, along with a small family session. I was so excited when I connected with Ashley Loyer!  I have only seen a couple sneak peeks so far! (One of them is in the photos above.) I can’t wait to see more. It is so fun to take photos on trips where the scenery is different. My friend amber also had a family session, and hers look amazing as well!

We had so much fun and can’t wait to travel to Yakima again. With so little time, shared crammed cars, and days packed with plans, we wish we could have more time to visit other friends and family who are near by. Last year we also made a stop in Seattle before flying out, however we decided to make the most of our time on the property this year! I have an itch to go back to Seattle…maybe next time! 


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