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We couldn’t be more excited to announce that baby number 2 is coming April 2018! Well, I’m not quite sure how Michael feels about it yet. He threw the ultrasound photo in the air faster than we could put it in his hand over and over again.

funny pregnancy announcement

pregnancy announcement

pregnancy announcement

At home pictures with Bethany Paige Photography had been in the works for quite a few months, and we decided to include some photos for our pregnancy announcement in the mix. Here are a few other pictures from our shoot. I absolutely love how they came out, and I highly recommend that everyone does at home family pictures some day. It seems the norm these days is to take outdoor family photos (which I also love), but there is something special about having precious pictures taken in the comfort of your own home.

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How far along:

I am currently 18 weeks! I know… we should have announced it a little bit sooner, but we let time get the best of us and here I am almost half way through my pregnancy. My due date is April 20th.

Morning Sickness?

Yes, however it is not as bad as I was when I was pregnant with Michael. I was able to keep my nausea medicine down this time, which has been a tremendous help. I just stopped taking anything for nausea 2 weeks ago, and most days it has been bearable. Sure, I still have my sick days, and I have pretty bad headaches quite often. I felt really bad during New York Fashion Week. It is hard to look at pictures from the trip because it reminds me of how terrible I felt.


I haven’t had much of a sweet tooth at all. I am all about the savory foods right now, but it all depends on the day. Some days I can’t handle anything with too many flavors going on. Potatoes have always helped settle and satisfy my stomach, so I’ve had my fair share of hash browns. 😉 There is not really one food that I want over and over again, but I definitely have those days where I am not satisfied until I have the random meal I can’t stop thinking about.


We will be posting a gender reveal next! Take your guesses… boy or girl!?


This seemed to be a frequently asked question during my last pregnancy, so I figured I would include it in here! I have been able to stay extremely consistent with my workouts, which has been a great feeling! I have lowered weights when I do lifting, and I do not do any abs at all after the first trimester. It will be interesting to compare this  to my pregnancy with Michael because with him, I was averaging 15,000-20,000  steps per day working retail. This time around he keeps me extremely active and I have more time to work out, but I am not close to 15000 steps per day!

Currently Stressing About:

I am definitely most nervous about the adjustment for Michael! I know he will love having a sibling, but it will definitely take some getting used to. It is also quite the task figuring out how to clear out our office/gameroom for Michael to transition into!

One of my favorite parts of blogging is being able to look back on old memories! Here’s a look back at our pregnancy announcement when I was expecting with Michael!

Photography by Bethany Paige Photography.


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