Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Early Access Top Picks

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Early Access Top Picks featured by top US fashion blog, Outfits & Outings

It’s here and it’s a good one! The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale [Early Access] has started!

Today I’m keeping it nice and simple with my overall top women’s picks and the products that will most likely sell out first! As the week goes on I will be sharing more in depth breakdowns of specific Nordstrom Anniversary Sale categories like beauty, Men’s picks, shoes, children, etc. but for now it’s a good old post of the things that are really catching my attention! Note: I decided last night to create a fun cheesy video since I tried on so many things! Scroll towards the end of the post for the video.


Sweater (NSALE): Runs Large | Jeans (NSALE): Size DownShoes (NSALE): Go 1/2 size down, high sell out rate

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Early Access Top Picks

Want in on the sale but don’t have a Nordstrom card? You can learn more about the perks and sign up here! (It’s the only store credit card I have and it is so worth it!

Here’s what I ordered from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: (Keep in mind I order anything I am debating and then narrow things down later! I will 100% narrow down my order and prioritize what I really want to keep once all of my orders are here!! 

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Early Access Top Picks featured by top US fashion blog, Outfits & Outings

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Early Access Top Picks: Active, Lounge, Pajamas

Stay tuned for Jewelry, Accessories, Shoes, Men, Children, and Beauty in upcoming posts! 

9 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Items that WILL Sell Out:

1.Rose Gold Nikes:

2. Clare V bag:

3. Live in Leggings:

These last forever, but I love them so much that I grab a new pair every other year. They are great for working out, but they are also my go-to legging if Im wearing an outfit that includes leggings! They are very comfortable, do not ball up, and are not see through at all.

4. Moonlight Pajamas:

I buy a pair every year. Buy them fast because they always sell out and it’s so hard to find them on sale any other time of year! They do run big, but I love the comfortable flowy fit! Some people size down.. I stick with my normal xs.

5. Barefoot Dreams Cardigans:

If you haven’t felt these before, put one in your order just to give them a touch. They are the softest cardigans ever. Wear them with outfits, wear them around the house… you will never want to take them off! These come in a few different colors and styles, and they manage to sell out every anniversary sale. (Another product that is hard to find discounted!)

6. Spanx Faux Leather Leggings:

These are such a good staple! Wear them with a slouchy sweater and booties for the perfect fun Fall outfit. I wear mine all the time and these can be tricky to find discounted any other time of year. They are tight in all the right places (while still managing to be comfortable) and make your legs and booty look GOOD.. gotta love Spanx! On sale for $64.90 and will go back up to $98 after the sale.

7. Barefoot Dreams Leopard Blanket:

Just as cozy as their amazingly soft cardigans.

8. Lift Converse:

The rose gold detail and slight lift make these converse so fun and unique. I’m sure we all have a pair of white sneakers but do they have rose gold on them? SO CUTE. (This is the pair I’m wearing in the first image of this blog post.)

9. Leith Hat

10. Charlotte Tilbury Lip Set

This lip set is the PERFECT color for just about everyone. It sold out last year before I could get my hands on it but I finally grabbed one this year!

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Early Access Top Picks: Men

Top two items are Robert Barakett T shirts and Mizzen and Main dress shirts. As I mentioned, a full men’s recap will be coming in a few days, but if you want to spruce up your man’s wardrobe those are two brands that you just can’t go wrong with! Here’s a little bit about why we love both of these brands:

Mizzen and Main dress shirts are wrinkle free, plus you don’t have to dry clean them. The material is so breathable, comfortable, and slightly stretchy.

Robert Barakett T shirts are a go-to for Brett. He has been wearing them for a few years now, and it still feels like a miracle that he no longer wears graphic tees everywhere! They look great with jeans and chinos!

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Early Access Top Picks

Fitting Room Try Ons! (hope you enjoy this cheesy video!.. I’ve never made one so it’s not perfect thats for sure.)

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale IN THE VIDEO:


Don’t forget to follow me on the app (@laurenjparry) where I will be sharing exclusive content like collages and fitting room try on photos! Of course I’ll also be sharing fun items on my Instagram stories!

Lastly, I want to remind you guys that I think it is so helpful to create a game plan of the things you really want before you start shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!  I promise you feel best if you stick to the things you have really been wanting to add to your wardrobe! I’m sure you will get side tracked along the way and find a gem or two that really sticks out to you which is always so much fun! But keeping the game plan in mind is always helpful!

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*I want to be clear that a few of these Nordstrom Anniversary Sale items were gifted to me! (A coat, a few pairs of shoes, and a jumpsuit.) Never feel like you have to keep up with what everyone else is buying, and always remember that I order everything I am debating  and have full intentions of weeding some of these items out!

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