Leg & Booty Workout Video

Let’s talk about that booty! Have you ever wanted to sculpt, tone or firm that booty of yours? Well I sure have! After such a huge response with my 8 Minute Ab Workout, I received a lot of requests for leg or booty workouts! Let me start off by saying your glutes should be a part of your leg routine!

One thing I really love about working your glutes is that you are typically also toning your legs at the same time. Some people feel iffy about working out their legs and butt because they are worried about becoming bulky. Let me tell you… it takes a LOT of work and heavy lifting to actually bulk up.

leg and booty workout - Leg & Booty Workout Video by popular Las Vegas fitness blogger Outfits & Outings

After a good booty workout video, my legs feel more toned and my butt feels lifted. I really hate the feeling of a saggy booty, so working my legs and glutes are a must for me. As a former gymnast, I didn’t even realize how great my bum was until it was gone. I have had to work consistently at building it up and progressing towards my dream butt these days. I really can tell a difference when I am working my glutes hard. Especially in my swimsuits, leggings, and jeans. Consistency is key! I would rather have a sculpted, firm, toned bum rather than a jiggly one, but we all have our preferences!

Leg & Booty Workout Video

This leg and booty workout video is only 5 minutes long! For an added bonus, try to complete this workout 2 or 3 times in a row. One of my favorite love/hate parts of the booty workout video is the pulse series at the end. Try your hardest not to break in between. When you feel your muscles struggling, you are feeling change!

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I hope you have enjoyed this leg and booty workout!  Here’s to everyone achieving their dream booty! Be sure subscribe to my YouTube channel and check out my most popular workout video: 8 Minute Abs, or check out the fitness tab on my page here!

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leg and booty workout video

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