A Secret Way to Save: Groupon Coupons

You guys know I love a good deal. Well, today I wanted to stop in to tell you a little about Groupon’s new coupon tab. I’m sure by now you’ve used Groupon. I am always using my Groupon app, especially for local deals, but have you checked out the new tab? groupon coupons

Groupon Coupons

I am constantly browsing through Groupon on my phone and have found myself checking this tab quite often. Groupon Coupon’s is set up different from the usual Groupon model. All you have to do is click on the coupon tab and a whole list of retailers pops up. I am amazed at all of the incredible retailers that are a part of Groupon Coupons.

My latest Groupon Coupon find was for Neiman Marcus! All I had to do was click on Neiman Marcus in the coupons tab, and I was able to receive 15% off of my next purchase. I have been ordering some fun things for my upcoming cruise, and 15% ended up allowing me to save a good chunk of money! No purchase through Groupon was necessary, which is what make this feature so unique from the way they typically feature deals.  It’s pretty rare to get a coupon for Neiman Marcus, so I just had to share!

This new coupon tab is available via a desktop, mobile device, or using the Groupon App. Some of the retailers currently listed in Groupon Coupons include Target, 6PM, Victoria’ Secret, and Ann Taylor. (Click here to view all of the current coupons, because the list goes on and on.)

Happy Shopping!

Thank you, Groupon, for sponsoring this post, and for saving me tons of money over the years!

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