It’s a … Gender Reveal! Boy or Girl??

There was something so different for me this time around when it came to finding out the gender. When I was pregnant with Michael, we had a balloon gender reveal party with close friends and family. This time around I still wanted to do something special, but I wanted it to be more intimate. The anticipation was killing me much more this time around. I brainstormed ideas for quite some time, and quickly realized how hard it is to find a non-cheesy gender reveal idea.

gender reveal idea

 A Simple Gender Reveal Idea: The Plan

I had recently become intrigued by eternity roses, real roses that last a year, so we decided to incorporate Velvetique roses into our big reveal. We went to a 3D ultrasound place where they wrote down boy or girl in a sealed envelope. Let me tell you, it was much harder not to peak this time around! My sister was the lucky one who relayed the results to Velvetique, and they sent us a wrapped box of either pink or blue roses. (Thanks sis!)

gender reveal idea with eternity roses

As soon as we sat on the bed to take these pictures, my hands started sweating so bad! We were laughing at how nervous and excited I was to find out. It was almost as if the days leading up to this moment were making it so much more intense. We had the ultrasound done 2 weeks before these photos, so we were more than ready to find out. Every time I look at these pictures, my heart skips a beat. I will let the rest of the photos do the talking.

A Simple Gender Reveal Idea: Eternity Roses

non cheesy gender reveal with husband and wife

husband and wife gender reveal idea with eternity roses

gender reveal ideas

unique gender reveal idea

cute gender reveal idea

Velvetique la eternity roses that last a year

family gender reveal idea

gender reveal idea

It’s a girl! I’m not the type of person to show much emotion. I didn’t cry during our proposal or wedding, but the tears started flowing as soon as I saw pink! I honestly feel so blessed to be able to experience the joys of having both a son and a daughter. A little girl is something I have dreamed of for quite some time, and I was speechless! I am so glad we had Bethany Paige Photography there to capture our reaction.

Velvetique la eternity roses that last a year

I had ordered a stash of boy accessories and girl accessories to use in the photos after we found out the results. Brett and Michael admired the roses, while I ran to grab my stash of baby girl props.

baby girl announcement

its a girl announcement and gender reveal idea

its a girl announcement and gender reveal idea

baby girl accessories, its a girl announcement, rose gold baby moccasins, floral diapers

it's a girl announcement with eternity roses from velvetique la

One of my favorite parts of using Velvetique roses for the reveal is that we can display them in the nursery since they last an entire year. I am dying for their nude roses as well. They would be stunning in our bedroom or entry way table! You can check out all of their color options on their Instagram. Talk about a great gift idea.

its a girl announcement and the best gender reveal ideas

I want to give a special thanks to my sister for keeping such a huge secret, Velvetique LA for making this such a special moment for us, and Bethany Paige Photography for perfectly capturing a special day that we will never forget. I am so happy we went through with our simple gender reveal idea. We really enjoyed not stressing about a party, food, etc. It was just our little family and our photographer.

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  1. so sweet, i love the idea of using those roses. can you dry them, or something, after the year? your reaction of having a girl is so special