The Comfy Robe You Need in Your Life

comfy robe

Good Morning babes and happy Valentines Day! I plan on avoiding social media most of the day because Brett and I are on a juice cleanse! I’ll be sipping my juice out of a mug and attempting to avoiding the overload of cute donut, chocolate, and treat pictures. We are celebrating on Friday by eating down on the strip and going to see George Straight! I’m so excited.

The Comfy Robe You Need in Your Life

I had an overload of questions about this comfy robe last week so I decided to make a little post about it with more details. Have you ever been to a spa and put on one of their plush robes? I’m always so tempted to buy one, but I hate that it has the logo of the spa on it, not to mention they are usually way too thick to store at home. I’m so glad I never bought one because I discovered this comfy robe and it is literally the softest, best robe I’ve ever felt. It comes in three colors and the best part is that it has a hood. I also love that it doesn’t take up a ton of space.  You can shop it here.

I’m a total robe person. I love to wear it when I’m fresh out of the shower or getting ready to go somewhere. A couple weeks ago my husband walked in the door in the middle of the day and I was wearing a face mask, my comfy robe, and slippers. He totally looked at me like “who am I married to?” Lol!  You guys neeeeed this comfy robe in your life!

Robe | Valentines Decor: Target

Don’t I look so peaceful in my comfy robe just relaxing on the couch? Think again! This is what was actually happening when we were trying to get the shot.

comfy robe

I thought this photo was hilarious, and such a good example of how things aren’t always as they seem on social media. He wanted me to hold him so bad. Luckily it only took about 30 seconds to take the photo, but this one is a total winner.

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