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How many tries did it take to find the best baby gate, you ask? FIVE. It took me five tries to find the perfect one, so today I’m sharing the verdict on the best baby gate so you don’t have to go through all the hassle I did. First, we tried the (ugly) wood gate that expands to lock into place. That was quickly taken back to the store as within minutes of set up, Michael grabbed the wood gate to stand up, the the gate came loose, and they both fell down. Then we tried a few other gates. Between all of the drilling and installation after the fourth one we were SO done with trying to find the right gate for our home, but I still felt like we didn’t have the best baby gate. Then came The Stair Barrier.

The Best Baby Gate

There is no drilling required, and it takes about one minute to set up. You simply buckle each side to the bannister and you’re good to go. If you have a wall to bannister stairway, there is minimal drilling required. When we had a metal gate, there was no taking it down or moving it aside. With The Stair Barrier, we typically unbuckle one side and roll it to the other when the baby is sleeping.

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Mom Win

Since changing from a metal gate to the The Stair Barrier, Michael has had so much less interest in that area of the house. There are no bars to hang onto or stick his hands through, and nothing to try to open. We have a little trouble maker on our hands, but at least we have one more area covered now!
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The last thing that I initially didn’t even think about is how easy it is to transport. We have our first vacation coming up without Michael. (I’m super emotional about it!) I love how easy it is to take this over to my in-laws house! Not to mention, I know he will be safe without the need to drill into their stairs. It is extremely light weight and easy to move, so I’m thinking we will also take it on future cabin trips and beach trips as well.

The Options

There are so many cute patterns to choose from. I like to keep it simple so I went with the modern gray. You can select the size you need (regular, wide, or custom), then select if you have a “banister to banister” or “wall to banister” stairway. I love sharing my favorite baby finds with you, and I hope you’ve enjoyed my Stair Barrier review! Cheers to finally finding the best baby gate!

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