Closet Clean Out: How to Decide What Clothes to Keep?

Cleaning out my closet is the best feeling! I always make an effort to try to love every single item in my closet. What’s the use of taking up space with things you don’t want? When it comes to closet clean out tips, I like to start broad and narrow down. I go through these 10 closet clean out tips once every few months. I make one big pile of things that I’m ditching and wait until the very end of the clean out to divide things up into sell, donate, and trash piles. Here is a checklist to help you out!

Before we begin, just remember not to stress! We all have our weird quirks when it comes to letting go of certain things. I got rid of a sports bra from HIGH SCHOOL last week. As I tossed it I couldn’t help but think about the hours and hours of gymnastics practices that the sports bra had been through with me. LOL! Keep in mind I graduated high school in ’08, so it was pretty beat up to say the least. I guess sometimes you don’t realize the attachment you have to something until something like that.

Top 10 Closet Clean Out Tips: How to Decide What Clothes to Keep? Tips featured by top Las Vegas fashion blog, Outfits & Outings.

If you haven’t done a closet clean out in a while, just start with the items that are easy decisions. Set the questionable items on one side of your closet and revisit them the next time you clean out your closet! If you buy a new item, visit the questionable item section in your closet and find something to remove! One in and one out is a great rule to keep the clutter out. 

10 Closet Clean Out Tips: How to Decide What Clothes to Keep?

1. Has it been untouched in the last 1-2 years?

Stop holding on to it. Of course there are exceptions to this rule. For example, there just aren’t enough cold days in Las Vegas to use all of my coats. We didn’t do any traveling this winter either, so the coats didn’t get much action. I have some classic coats that I would never apply this rule to. There are also a few black tie gowns that I like to keep on hand even though I will probably never need them.

2. Drawers:

A quick way to get going and free up space is quickly going through your drawers. We all have random unwanted bras, underwear, the swimsuits you never reach for and old pajamas that should have been tossed ages ago.

3. Is it holy?

Not that kind of holy … HOLE-y. If there are holes in the arm pits (cough cough my Adidas tee that I can’t seem to part with), rips in an old workout tee, super old sports bras… ditch. them.

4. Organize your clothes by color and simplify.

If you have 5 black t shirts and you absolutely love three of them, ditch the other 2 that aren’t so great. You’re never going to reach for them. Same goes with black sweaters, white t shirts, black leggings, workout tanks, etc.

5. How many sweatshirts do you really need?

We’ve got the sentimental hoodies, the oversized comfy hoodies, the half zips, the stylish sweatshirts. Be honest with yourself and try to narrow down the ones that don’t get used.

6. Are you holding onto your clothes because of what you paid for them?

Sometimes we hold onto something because we still remember paying for it. You know deep down it’s not going to be worn, but it makes you feel better to keep it hanging in the closet. For me it’s Lululemon workout tanks that just aren’t my style anymore or random sale finds that got the best of me but never really ended up being worn. The good news is they sell like hot cakes online! List it on poshmark, or give it to someone who will get more use out if it than you.

7. Are you hanging on to something that was gifted to you?

We all have those things we never actually wanted. You know.. the jacket that’s not even your size that was given to you for that one holiday? Just part ways. Hopefully whoever gave it to you won’t be raiding your closet anytime soon. And if they’re the type to ask questions about it later, snap a picture in it before you ditch it!

8. Can you point out a problem?

If you can look at something and explain what you don’t like about the fit, the feel of the material, or the quality, then it shouldn’t be in your closet. If you’ve found yourself saying “I like this BUT…._____” then chances are you are probably going to grab SO many other things to wear before resorting back to that item. Save room for the things you LOVE.

9. Has it been worn in the last 6 months?

If you didn’t wear it for an entire season, do you think you’ll wear it when that season comes around again? For example, If you didn’t wear a sweater last Fall and Winter, do you see yourself wearing it next year? Or do you have enough items that you truly love to wear that you would rather put on.

10. Denim Rules:

Denim can feel tricky sometimes because styles come and go. If you haven’t worn them for a year, then what are they doing taking up space? A few things to consider: Are they too long, too short, uncomfortable, too tight, too loose, a color that you don’t love anymore? Do they get saggy throughout the day? That’s the WORST. Do they uncomfortably slide down when you sit? You’re never going to grab that pair, am I right? Think about how many different pairs of jeans you have actually worn this year. If your denim has barely been worn, try selling a few pairs!

I hope you’ve enjoyed these closet clean out tips! Going through my closet on a regular basis helps me to be intentional and thoughtful with my purchases. To not buy something just because it’s on sale, and to not buy another hoodie, or something I already have multiples of unless I’m ready to swap an oldie for a new one. Now onto the next organization project! 

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