Best Deals of Amazon Prime Day

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Prime Day (Black Friday for Amazon) is here! (July 15 & 16th!) I’l be glued to my computer all day sharing a list of the best deals of prime day here, our prime day wishlist, and a list of all of our favorite Amazon purchases from the past year. Follow along with all of the Prime Day deals here and read more below! I don’t know about you but the second prime day comes along I instantly forget everything that I need. I totally freeze under pressure lol! But this year I have kept a list on my phone of a few big things we need. Hopefully this post will guide you in the right direction so that you don’t miss anything you might need!

First things first, are you an Amazon Prime member? If you have been debating it, now is a great time! Only prime members are able to take advantage of these deals. You can sign up hereI will be updating this as deals come. They call it a parade of deals which is the perfect explanation since deals come and go 48 hours long. 

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Best Deals of Amazon Prime Day:

My Makeup Case Organizer: 33% off! This is new to me and I absolutely love it. It is much bette quality than I expected.

Ninja OP301:Pressure Cooker, Steamer & Air Fryer: ($71 off) 

Instant Pot Duo: 57% off! 

Osmo Genius Kit (For Fire Tablets): 50% off! See all Osmo attachments and games on sale here. (We own the iPad version!)

Blendtec Blender: $128 Off! We absolutely love our Blendtec. The white one makes me want a new one!

Anker 60W Charger (Charge 2 items at once, but what’s cool is you can plug in your MacBook, phone, iPads, galaxy, & more.

UBSC Hub Adapter: Compatible with MacBook Pro 2017-2019 (I ORDERED THIS!)

Workout Bands: 50% off! This is a great deal. I use mine weekly when working out at home. You can look up tons of exercises to do with them online.

DreamGenius Makeup Organizer 360-Degree Rotating Adjustable Multi-Function Acrylic Cosmetic Storage 54% off!

Best Deals of Amazon Prime Day:

Happy Baby Organiz Baby Food: Pack of 16 $7 off (This one is going fast!)

Osmo Genius Kit (For Fire Tablets): 50% off! See all Osmo attachments and games on sale here. (We own the iPad version!)

Adidas Baby Girls Track Set: 35% off!

Our Amazon Prime Day wishlist:

We are hoping to buy a few big things  this year:

a fireplace like this one (fingers crossed), opal pebble ice machine, new phone chargers, an outdoor boombox for our backyard, clear pouches for organizing/traveling/etc (my latest obsession), diapers, and possibly a cooktop for our new kitchen!

Popular Amazon Prime Sale Items from Last Year:

Robot Vacuums, Instant Pot, Tablets, Power Tools

What we bought last year on Amazon Prime Day:

Recent Amazon Purchases:

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