Baby Registry Must Have

Baby Registry Must Have

Pacifier Clips: Ellie Baby | Closet Divider: Lucy Darling Shop

Photo by PhotoGraff Design

Good Morning! Its Friday, which means I am officially 32 weeks! 8(ish) more to go! It also means it’s time for another baby registry must have! I discovered both of these cute products through Instagram and just had to check them out.

Ellie baby is an adorable shop that makes braided pacifier clips. I chose to go with the neutral colors to easily match outfits, but there are plenty of bright pops of color as well. All you have to do is clip it onto your babes clothes and voila, no more losing pacifiers. My baby isn’t here yet, but I imagine its similar to losing hair ties. Where do they go??

I’ve been big on trying to keep things organized in the Nursery and these closet dividers have been a life saver! I always hear people talking about how they forgot about an outfit and they’re so sad that their little one can’t fit in it any more. These organizers helped me go from feeling overwhelmed to feeling super organized. Being able to tell exactly what he has in his closet makes all the difference. Not only did it help with organization, but it also helped me see what he needs more of.  They also make really cute baby girl closet divider designs and adorable baby boy and girl monthly stickers to track baby’s growth.I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s round up! It’s always fun to find small shops and businesses with fun and unique products. If you enjoyed today’s post, you may also like:

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