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When I am at home you can almost guarantee that you’ll find me in cozy lounge clothes. I love being comfortable more than anything, and when I find the right pair of pants or a cozy top I just can’t pass it up. Especially knowing that pretty soon I will be spending a LOT of time at home, it’s fun to stock up on the comfiest things I can find. Today I’m rounding up some of my favorites that I can’t get enough of. Not only are these comfy, but they also win in the cute department.

These are a few pairs I have bought recently from Gap that I am super excited about:

These sweater leggings sold out last year and I was SO excited to see them restocked this year! I grabbed them as soon as I saw them in the window display. I’ve never been a huge Gap person, but lately I’ve been in there a lot more often checking out Baby Gap. They always have amazing coupons and deals, and Gap Body is on point! I bought these striped joggers last week and have already worn them three times (lol). They are the perfect comfy lightweight material. (Gap is currently offering $35 off a $100 purchase plus free shipping on orders over $50.)

You’ve heard me talk about Wildfox before. Nothing quite compares to the feel of a Wildfox sweater. I recently gave in and bought the pants to go with it. They are both so cozy and cuddly, but beware that you might just want to cuddle up all day and not get anything done all day. I also love the solid Wildfox sweater because you can pair it with jeans and a necklace for a cozy casual look. I’ve wanted a Barefoot Dreams cardigan for a LONG time now. They are like wearing a blanket all day long. I finally splurged and bought one this year. There are a few different styles which can be found here. They are great for travel and I plan on bringing mine to lounge around in the hospital after baby comes. They make the worlds greatest robes, blankets, and cardigans, and when I interviewed Rachel Zoe a few months ago (read interview here) it was on her list of favorite baby products! These BP ‘skinny mini’ sweats are currently on sale for $22. I bought them last year after a friend recommended them and wear them on repeat. They start to thin after washing them so many times, but they have a great slimming fit and are totally worth it for $22. I love the cute drawstring and always receive compliments on them.

Ugg Slippers are another must in the lounge department. Most people don’t want to spend that much on a pair of slippers, but let me tell you… its TOTALLY worth it which is why they make a great gift. They last forever and are more comfortable than any other slipper I’ve tried on.

Last on the list is Anthropologie. Anthro tends to have very chic and classy lounge clothes with a tad bit more details than the others. They are currently offering an extra 30% off sale items with the code XTRA30, making their pricy clothes available for a major steal. You can check out their sale items here.

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