Top 10 Baby Essentials from Walmart for the Mom on the Go

Let’s talk babies! After my recent trip I was inspired to share some of my ride or die baby products with you. Today I’m sharing my top 10 Baby Essentials from Walmart for the Mom on the Go, from travel accessories to the baby gear that just makes mom life a little more simple.

Walmart has SUCH a big selection of baby gear and products. Let’s get right to it!

Top 10 Baby Essentials from Walmart for the Mom on the Go featured by top US mom blog, Outfits & Outings


Top 10 Baby Essentials from Walmart for the Mom on the Go Explained:

1.Car Seat Travel Bag & Carrier:

This is a MUST if you have to travel through the airport with a car seat. We have used whenever we fly with the entire family. A little extra bonus: sometimes I will throw a pair of heavy shoes in there with the car seat to lighten the weight of my luggage. 😉

2.The Haakaa

One of the greatest inventions ever! This is perfect for road trips, planes (a must for your carryon), or anywhere you would like to discretely express, quickly. Plus, what I used it for the most was placing on one side while I nursed on the other. It would collect extra milk that would otherwise have been wasted! It was always amazing to see how much the Haakaa would collect. It really helped me build up the breastmilk supply in the freezer! Speaking of the Haakaa , it is Breast Feeding Awareness Month at Throughout August, is offering exclusive deals to support all things breastfeeding and other products related to feeding including Nursing Pillows, Lactation Supplements, Nursing Covers, Gliders, Pumps, Bottles, Accessories, and more. A few of my go-to breastfeeding products when I nursed Michael and Paige included these milk storage bags, nursing pads, and lanolin (life saver!)

3.Baby Jogger City Mini:

We. Love. This. Especially if we are loading up a packed car. It folds up nice and small, but best of all … FLAT! This makes it so easy to travel with it, and to collapse it you just pull the strap in the middle and it folds right up.

4.Tote Savvy:

Transform any tote or carry on into a nice organized diaper bag with this insert! It makes it so easy to switch from bag to bag as well if you like to switch your bags often. There are a lot of compartments, so I like to have one side of the insert dedicated to my own things like lip gloss, keys, etc!


Sometimes when we travel I just don’t know where to set my baby! I prefer the dockatot when my babies are little. Once they are crawling there’s no containing them in this in my opinion. I never want to set them down for a moment on a hotel floor when I’m getting ready for example, or when I’m headed to a friends house, or even when I want my baby to be comfy on a plane!

Top 10 Baby Essentials from Walmart for the Mom on the Go featured by top US mom blog, Outfits & Outings

6.Ergobaby Baby Carrier

is amazing for so many things! If we’re headed to a crowded city I love to bring this rather than a stroller. For example, this worked out perfectly when we were in Seattle when Michael was just a few months old. It also comes in handy for places like Disneyland, hikes, etc. It is definitely more heavy duty than a wrap type carrier. There are multiple ways to wear or face your baby, and I recommend this to all mamas! Paige is 16 months and we still use it with her. Worth every penny in my opinion. You can check all of the different Ergobaby styles, colors, and accessories they have here.

7.Reusable Swim Diapers:

Filling up a suitcase or weekender bag can fill up quickly when you factor in all of the baby gear needed! Skip filling up your bag with disposable swim diapers and stick to a reusable swim diaper to save space!

8.Portable Sound Soother:

I wish I would have gotten into sound machines a long time ago. My kids are great travelers until it’s time to sleep. This portable sound soother is great!

9. 4Moms Breeze:

This is literally a breeze to assemble! It is nice, sleek, and packs up into a nice little case with a handle for easy transport. We bring this on all of our road trips. All you have to do is press the center down until it clicks and you are ready to use it! To pack it back up there is a small strap right in the middle that you just pull straight up. We LOVE this!

10.Fast Table High Chair:

This is one of those products that I recommend to all first time moms! Im shocked how many people come up to me at restaurants and have never heard of this. It is one of my favorite baby essentials from Walmart. You can take it anywhere with you, screw it onto a table, and your child can’t crawl out of it! Plus, it doesn’t have other kids germs all over it!


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