13 Fun Gifts for Two Year Old Boys

Fun Gifts for Two Year Old Boys by popular Las Vegas lifestyle blogger Outfits & Outings

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On Monday we celebrated Michael’s second birthday! We went to one of those jump house places, and were a little unsure of how he would like it. Within the first 10 minutes he was already having the time of his life, and Brett and I both agreed it was totally worth it to have his party there. Leading up to his birthday, many friends and family asked what he wanted or needed for his birthday. It completely stumped me. I have never been good at knowing what gifts for two year old boys to get, but the gifts he received were so perfect! Today I put together a list of our favorite gifts for two year old boys that he received incase anyone else is wondering what gifts to get a 2 year old! (Boy and girl gifts included.)

Things to look for when shopping for a two year old:

As a mom, I really appreciate toys that are educational, will occupy him for at least a 15 minute period of time, will make my life easier, improve hand eye coordination, or that are unlike all of the other toys he has!


two year old gift ideas - Fun Gifts for Two Year Old Boys by popular Las Vegas lifestyle blogger Outfits & Outings


I can’t tell you how nice this has been even in the 2 short days of having it. He loves unzipping his backpack to see what’s inside, and it was a life saver at his Doctors appointment yesterday. We stuffed it full of snacks and toys. I am looking forward to taking it to church as well. I have to admit, it’s nice having space back in my purse for my own things! We love SkipHop backpacks because they have a few different compartments, a space for a cup or bottle, and they are the perfect size for toddlers.

Nice Block Set

This set is amazing! I really love that it is all wood, and that it comes with a storage box. We are considering creating a downstairs playroom with a few nice toys, a rug, and a small play table. I think this would be the perfect addition. (Sometimes it’s nice to have a neutral color toy! Especially when it is a developmental toy that can keep him busy for quite some time.)

Functional Clothes / Pajamas

Some parents may disagree, but I really really love when Michael receives clothes! Not the fancy stuff that he will only wear a handful of times. I’m talking the comfy play outfits that he will wear over and over and over again. And I’m not sure if it’s just me but I feel like my child is constantly growing out of his pajamas! We can always use a new pair of comfy and fun pajamas around here. Bonus points if mom gets a matching pair. 😉

GoStak Twist n’ Lock Snack Containers

These containers are a total mom win! Michael loves to pack his own snacks in them to put in his backpack. Yesterday he laid out all of his fruit snacks and separated them by color. He really loves to untwist the containers and re-stack them. It’s nice to keep them excited, especially when you’re on the go. I have a feeling this will be coming to church and the mall with us all the time.

Osmo Genius Kit

This is a hands on educational kit that parents absolutely love! It syncs up with your iPad (my mom gave Michael her old iPad last year!) and it completely transforms your iPad into an educational tool. We do not have this YET, but it is a great gift idea for a two year old.

Dinosaurs and Other Toys for their Imagination

Michael actually loves to play with these dinosaurs while we are in the shower! He has 2 now, and although that’s not exactly what they’re meant for, it keeps him happy! I think the box that they come in is absolutely adorable and makes such a cute gift. That’s the great thing about toddlers.. sometimes it’s the simple things that really get their imagination and creativity going.

Spill Proof Bowl

These funky looking bowls are not only exciting for the kids to hold, but they are spill resistant. I actually think these are designed for younger kids but we are SO excited about it. Here’s to hoping this keeps my car a little cleaner! (haha)

Basketball Hoop / Portable One

Brett really wanted to get Michael a basketball hoop for his birthday, so we bought him this one. It has an adjustable height so it can grow with him and the price wasn’t bad at all! He also got this one, which I love because it is small and portable. We can move it to whatever room we want, or even travel with it as an easy way to occupy him in a hotel room or somewhere that doesn’t have toys!

Anywhere  Chair

There is a coffee shop Michael and I used to go to frequently because he LOVED sitting on the little kids chair and reading books. I really want to create a space where he can chill a little bit because he never stops moving! These anywhere chairs can be embroidered, however I chose not to embroider it so that it can be passed down. This was my gift to Michael for his birthday! Not quite sure if it will go in his room or playroom yet. I suggest getting the regular or oversized.


Michael received this scooter from his cousins last month for Christmas and we LOVE it! It amazes me how he just automatically knew what to do with it! It is the perfect size for him, has a few different options, and will also grow with him!

Pullback Cars

He gets so excited about pullback cars! I love that they have so many different themes: old school cars, police cars, trucks, etc.

Tool Set/ Dollhouse

Tool  and Dollhouses are such a nice gift! We love his tool box set because he already has so many tools, and now they have a home!

Waffle Blocks Set

Michael got the Firetruck waffle blocks set, and it is great! We can help him build the actual firetruck, or he has fun stacking them and sorting colors on his own. This is definitely one of those things that gets their attention for a while. You can also buy a set of multicolored waffle blocks here.

Which gift is your favorite? Are there any other gifts for two year old boys that you love? Let me know in the comments below!

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