The Big Island: Travel Guide Mauna Lani Bay

I’ve been debating how to share my Hawaii trip with you for a few days now. I could honestly break it up into 7 different posts and still have plenty to share! In 8 days I have had the experience of a lifetime traveling to The Big Island, hundreds of photos, and unforgetable memories. When we first decided to go to The Big Island of Hawaii, I started researching the best things to do on the island. My husband and I were a little nervous because it wasnt as easy to find recommendations as we had hoped. We went with another couple and one thing we knew for sure is that the boys wanted to golf one day while the girls had a spa day together.

I began researching spa’s and found the most beautiful luxury spa at Mauna Lani Bay, which just so happened to be down the road from where we were staying. I’ve had plenty of massages and spa treatments but I had never had an actual “spa day” before so I was pretty excited.

Mauna Lani Spa | Big Island Hawaii

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The only negative thing about having my first spa day at Mauna Lani Bay is that I don’t think I will ever have a spa experience that will compare to this. The spa resembles a Hawaiian village, complete with thatched huts, natural lava saunas, indoor treatment rooms, a full service salon, and an adorable boutique. When we arrived, our spa host (the sweetest girl) greeted us and took us back to put our “robes” on. Instead of big cozy robes they give you a cute kikepa (hawaiian style robe, similar to a sarong) and sandals to put on during your day at the spa. Im a huge fan of big cozy robes but the sarong was perfect with the hot and humid weather.

We chose to do 2 treatments: the lava sauna and the foot and scalp treatment. After walking around and exploring the amenities of the spa, our host lead us outside to the lava sauna, shown below. The walls of the lava sauna rise high above what this image shows you, and the whole area was breathtaking.

Lava Sauna spa treatment | The Big Island

Lava Sauna spa treatment | The Big IslandThe lava sauna is a 50 minute spa treatment. We applied black volcanic clay to our bodies using the leaf shown below, and  began to let nature do its work. The sun was right above us and heat radiated naturally off of the lava rock. It is not only amazing for your skin, but also helps to relax the body and take away the stress and anxiety that comes with every day life. Once the time was up we walked around the corner to our private outdoor rain shower to wash the clay and moisturize our skin with oils.

Lava Sauna spa treatment | HawaiiAfter the lava sauna, we headed to our own private hut where we received scalp and foot treatments. We joked that it was “Lauren and Amber’s honeymoon” because we shared our cute hut and lava sauna together. During the 30 minute treatment we received a foot rub, a quick neck and shoulder massage, and a scalp treatment. I love when people play with my hair, so naturally I LOVED the scalp treatment. They applied oils to our head and massaged the oil all throughout our hair. It was so relaxing and the next few days my hair felt so soft!

Things to do on The Big Island HawaiiAll in all, we had an amazing time at the Mauna Lani spa. If you ever find yourself on The Big Island of Hawaii, I highly recommend treating yourself to a luxurious spa day here. Thank you Mauna Lani spa for an unforgettable experience!

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