Paying it Forward with The Good Cards.

Have you ever been pleasantly surprised with a gift at your doorstep from a friend? Or your lunch paid for by a stranger in a drive thru? It is such a fun feeling, and I think quite often we forget how fun it is to GIVE as well. I was absolutely giddy yesterday creating this post, and I’m so excited to share about a brand new pay it forward game called The Good Cards!

Thank you The Good Cards for sponsoring this post and for making the world a happier place!

So what exactly is The Good Cards, you ask? The good card is a physical card, and it is your entrance into the game. Scan the card using the App, and you will be sent on a mission to do something good for someone else.

Let’s Play

The game has already started and in the beginning the only way to get the cards was by meeting the founders at events, being approached by them, etc. The cards have already arrived to 18 countries and have generated hundreds of good deeds.

the good cards game

Today  the folks at The Good Cards are opening it up to a greater audience. If you want to get the cards in your hands, this is the perfect opportunity because for the next 30 days you can get them here.

My Mission

I couldn’t wait to see what my mission was. Once I scanned the card, I had 72 hours to anonymously give one friend or family member a gift. How fun is this?!

I immediately had a friend come to mind, and couldn’t wait to drop off a treat for her. I gathered flowers, a card, and a fresh cookie from a local bakery.  The excitement was building because I couldn’t wait for her to receive her small surprise and pass on the card.

the good cards

The Dreamer Glasses

The red glasses pictured above and below are called the Dreamer Glasses. The circle represents the heart, while the square represents the mind. The meaning behind them is that “by connecting our hearts and minds, we can really change the world.”

I wrote a short and sweet anonymous note, and went on my way.

I drove over to her house, parked a few houses down, and it was time for the drop off! My heart was feeling so full!

the good cards

Now here comes more fun: passing The Good card on. The card will now be in her hands, she will receive a mission, and will then pass the card onto someone else. The best part is that I will be able to see how my small act of kindness was spread all over the world by tracking it on the app.

Not only did The Good Cards brighten her day, but it brightened my day as well. Imagine if we spent every day doing something nice for someone else. Want to get your hands on The Good Cards and make this world a better place? Click here! Their Kickstarter campaign launches today and I am such a fan. I absolutely love supporting such a great mission, and I can’t wait to hear about what you do with your good cards!

Photography by PhotoGraff Design


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