Quarantine Amazon Purchases

I’ve had an influx of Amazon purchase ever since the Quarantine started, and today I’m sharing a look at my FAVORITE quarantine Amazon purchases over the last month. Activities for the kids, favorite snacks, and a mason Pearson hair brush dupe are just a few of the things in the mix of this list! Enjoy!

Quarantine Amazon Purchases

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1. This pretty steamer

I am SO excited to have this new pretty steamer! We are about to start working on my closet, and it is going to look great in there.

2. My Go-To No Show Ankle Socks

These socks don’t slip, they don’t show, and they don’w bunch up! I wear them working out and with my Golden Goose sneakers. I actually need to order the gray color too.

3. My Favorite Chips

If you know, you know. These are a big deal in the south and I have the hardest time finding them here. I am SO happy that they’re on Amazon!! Try them out and thank me later 😉 . The voodoo flavor is their most popular.

4. The Best Carpet/Fabric Cleaner

THIS is how I keep my white patio set white! It easily removes spills and  dirt! So if the kids run around on it I can just spray a little bit and wipe it with a rag.

5. Organizational Bins

I use these clear bins to organize my bathroom and pantry. It is a great way to keep things uncluttered but still visually see what you have. These come in a 2 pack and are SO much cheaper than the clear bins from The Container Store, but the same quality.

6. Mason Pearson brush dupe (also available here if sold out on Amazon)

Ever heard of those pricey Mason Pearson brushes? Well I used to have one and I LOST it during our move. I am a firm believer that fancy brushes are better than cheap brushes. Cough *wet brush* … Anyways, I accidentally set my brush on my hot straightener and the side of it melted. What. a. shame. I didn’t want to completely splurge on a brush right now so I took a deep dive on dupes to the infamous Mason Pearson brush. I heard so many good things about this brush and I am so impressed!

7. Hair Finishing Cream

Speaking of hair, I have the craziest flyaways when I put my hair up! This little brush tames fly aways in a matter of seconds.

8. Our Favorite Lotion for Dry Cracked Hands

This lotion is designed for people who work with their hands a lot and get rough dry cracked hands. With all of this extra hadn’t washing and hand sanitizer, my hands became extremely dry. I started borrowing Brett’s hand lotion and I love it so much. It is only $4 to get the pack with the lip balm, which is normally more expensive on it’s own. I love that it has SPF in it. (It is great for men and women.)

9. Gel Pens

These have been one of the best amazon quarantine purchases! Michael prefers these gel pens over crayons, markers, or colored pencils. They’re also great for adult coloring books! (I linked the coloring book I have below.)

10. Food Scale

With Summer right around the corner, Brett is all about meal prepping. It works out in my favor since that means less cooking throughout the week!

11. Andes Mints

Sometimes you just need a small treat! I keep these in the fridge, so if I’m ever craving chocolate it is an easy and small snack to satisfy the craving.

12. Clear counter edge cutting board

You may remember me talking about this board. Well, we bought a second one because we love it so much! It is great to use as a cutting board OR to prep meals, pour drinks, etc in order to protect your countertops.

13. Coconut Syrup & Pump

Coconut syrup is the BEST! My go-to summer drink is coke with coconut syrup, pebble ice (this is the ice maker I have) and a lime. So. So. good. This syrup can be used in any drinks including coffee. I like to use the pump in order to get my recipe down just right rather than eyeing it each time I pour it.

14. Matte Kids Helmets

Of course I wanted a cute helmet for Paige, so I was so excited when I found these matte helmets! They come in multiple colors, and hers also came with knee and elbow pads.

15. Learning Flash Cards

This pack is perfect because Paige can use the word flash cards and Michael can use the letter and spelling cards!

16. Agave Syrup

An organic sweetener that is delicious and healthier than sugar.

17. Volcano Kids Activity

Because we need some new activities in the home to switch things up!

18. Heat resistant scrub gloves

These are great if you don’t want to get your hands wet, if you need to use the scrubbers, if you want to keep cleaning products off of your hands, or if you’re handling meat! They are heat resistant but not heat proof, so they do offer a small amount of resistance to heat. Be careful if you are prepping food – a knife can cut through these … speaking from experience.

19. Blue Light Glasses

Protect your eyes with these cute blue light glasses. It is hard to find blue light glasses that are cute and good quality. I’ve had great luck with this brand!!

I hope you’ve loved seeing my recent Amazon quarantine purchases! You can view more of my Amazon favorites here!


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