Owlet Baby Care Review

Owlet Baby Care Review

Owlet baby care review by popular Las Vegas lifestyle blogger Outfits & Outings

As a new mom, I tried to prepare as much as possible for our baby on the way. From baby gear to safety, I felt like I was as prepared as I could be for Michael to arrive. Some things you just don’t think about until your babe is actually here. After he was born I immediately had this fear that something was going to happen to him, as I’m sure a lot of moms do. Even though he was in a safe sleeping environment (remember your ABC’s! Alone, on their Back, and in their Crib), I still panicked all the time. I couldn’t even go through eating dinner without going to check on him a few times. Even though I use a video baby monitor, Michael spits up a ton and I felt like if he choked I wouldn’t be able to notice on the monitor. He currently sleeps in a bassinet in our bedroom, and every single noise or gargle he made throughout the night would have us jumping up to make sure he was alright. Even when our babe began to sleep more, Brett and I were waking up exhausted because we were never fully resting or relaxing at night. I’m so excited to share about the Owlet, a tool that has really helped us out.
Owlet Review | Afraid Baby Will Stop Breathing? Owlet Can Alert You When it Matters. More Sleep, Less Stress - Owlet baby care review by popular Las Vegas lifestyle blogger Outfits & Outings

We started using the Owlet Smart Sock and it has been such a game changer for us. It is designed to alert parents if their baby stops breathing or if their heart rate drops or goes too high. The Owlet is the first smart baby monitor of its kind that uses the same technology hospitals use, pulse oximetry. The wireless socks fits right on your baby’s left foot and monitors their levels while they sleep. It’s extremely soft and doesn’t even phase Michael when he is wearing it! There are two ways to receive alerts from Owlet: The base station and the iPhone app. When the Owlet is tracking your baby’s heart rate, the base station is lit up by a green pulsing light. If the levels become too high or too low, the owlet alerts you by flashing red light and noise.

Owlet Review - Owlet baby care review by popular Las Vegas lifestyle blogger Outfits & Outings

Owlet Baby Care – The Verdict

Our Owlet has given us peace of mind. I am finally sleeping better knowing that Michaels is ok. He has started sleeping through the night… wooh! When I mention this to friends, they often reminisce about when their baby began sleeping through the night. They tell me that they would wake up in the morning, rush to the crib, and wonder if their baby was still ok. Luckily, I wake up a little more comforted in the mornings. A few things I love about the Owlet: It comes with sizes 1 through 3, so it can grow with your baby. I also love that the sock is machine washable because it is bound to get dirty at some point. The Owlet Baby Care sock is soft and sleek enough that it will fit under his jammies. I swaddle Michael every night and the swaddle doesn’t block the connection to the base station. If the connection gets blocked or if the sock is too far from the Owlet Baby Care base station it will alert you right away.

owlet baby care - Owlet baby care review by popular Las Vegas lifestyle blogger Outfits & Outings

The owlet comes with three socks, the base station, and the iPhone app. The Owlet Baby Care iPhone app is really neat to see because I can read exactly where Michaels heart rate and oxygen levels are. It has definitely helped my sanity and I would recommend it to any mom-to-be or paranoid mom like me. Owlet alerts you when your baby needs you most, something that I consider to be priceless! If you guys have any questions for me, please feel free to leave them in the comments below. To read more about Owlet, click here.


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