My Laser Hair Removal Journey

laser hair removal

Let’s talk about shaving. It’s just one of those things that you have to do over and over and over again. Right? Well today I’m sharing all about my laser hair removal journey and how I’m ditching the razor. Grab a snack, take a seat, because we’re getting reaaaal personal over here about the good, the bad, and the ugly of laser hair removal!

laser hair removal in Las Vegas

The first few questions everyone asks me are: “what areas are being treated”, “where is the best place to go for laser hair removal”, and “how much does it cost because I’ve always wanted it.” I’ve never met anyone who actually enjoyed shaving, so I’m sure the thought of tossing your razor has crossed your mind before. Am I right?

Bumpy skin, ingrown hairs, and just shaving in general were a few of the things that helped me decide which areas I wanted to treat. I am having a few different areas done including my under arms, the bottom half of my legs (up to my knees), a teeny tiny patch below my belly button, and Brazilian. Told you we were getting personal. With swimsuit season upon us, can you imagine always being swimsuit ready!? I have always been envious of people with perfectly smooth skin. There are a few areas where I have more than one hair per follicle, which creates extremely bumpy skin. I just want to have the smooth perfect skin of Victoria’s Secret models… is that too much to ask!? 😉

how much is laser hair removal

Laser Hair Removal in Las Vegas

I go to Reynolds Plastic Surgery where they offer many med spa treatments including Laser Hair Removal in Las Vegas. Lauren was absolutely incredible! She answered all of my questions before hand, eased me into it because I was a little bit nervous, and made me feel comfortable. To be honest, I posted on snapchat before hand that I was on my way to get my first Laser Hair removal treatment. I had a a few people respond telling me that I should have iced before, and that is when the nerves kicked in. Turns out that the reason I didn’t need to ice is because Lauren uses top of the line equipment that has a chilled tip. If you are looking for laser hair removal in Las Vegas, or any other med spa treatments, I highly recommend Reynolds Plastic Surgery.

How Much Does Laser Hair Removal Cost?

This is a tricky question because it really varies on the area. You can always start with something small like your underarms or bikini to get a feel for what it’s like. To give you an idea, underarms runs about $125 per treatment or around $675 for 6.

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does laser hair removal hurt

Does Laser Hair Removal Hurt?

Now, I’m sure you’re wondering what it feels like. It really depends on the area that is being lasered, along with your pain tolerance. The area that was most uncomfortable for me was by far my shins. I was thankful that they use really high end equipment because even with a chilled tip, it did start to feel extremely warm. It sort of feels like you’re being zapped, but I was still able to hold a conversation throughout the treatments. (You know something is painful when you can’t actually talk!) The good news is that the appointment is extremely fast, so it’s nothing you can’t handle. My appointment for bottom half of my legs, Brazilian, and under arms was only one hour total. A few zaps here and there are totally worth it for the end result.

does laser hair removal hurt

A few things you may not know about laser hair removal:

  1. How to prepare for your appointment: Treatment areas need to be clean shaven before your appointment. You should avoid putting on deodorant and lotions/creams. If you are having your face treated, discontinue all products with active ingredients (retinol, retinA, salicylic, benzoyl peroxide, etc.) 1 week prior to your treatment.
  2. All patients need at least 6 treatments spaced 4-10 weeks apart. The amazing thing is that you will already notice a difference after one treatment.
  3. Downtime: You should avoid exercise, hot tubs, steam rooms, saunas, and any other activities that raise your core temperature. Sweating can cause skin irritation after your treatment.
  4. Laser hair removal is not effective on blonde, red, or gray hair.
  5. Because hair growth is a hormonal response, hair loss will never be at 100%. After a series of consecutive treatments, patients can expect to have 90-95% clearance of hair growth. You may need touch-up treatments over the years.

laser hair removal

I am about to go in for my third appointment, and I am loving my results so far. The areas I have noticed the most change are my under arms and bikini area. Areas that used to be bumpy are now completely different. I noticed hairs falling out and smoother skin about 2 days after my first treatment. Updates on my laser hair removal journey will be posted on this article.

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