Grocery Shopping in Pajamas + How to Save Time this Holiday Season

This post has been sponsored by Albertsons. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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Grocery shopping is a PRO-CESS. First, you have to trade your pajamas for real clothes. Next, you have to trade those slippers for real shoes. Then comes the part where you have to round up your crazy kids, get them dressed warm enough for the winter weather, get them in the car seats, drive their booties to the store, and then hope that they behave long enough for you to get the majority of the things on your list. Not anymore! Albertsons grocery service is SAVING ME this holiday season, and I’ve said goodbye to the chaotic process that grocery shopping usually is for me. Time is flying by faster than I could ever imagine this month, and I just don’t have time to do all the things. Mom or not, I’m sure you can relate.

So, here’s a little life hack for those of you who may also feel like you’re barely hanging on this holiday season: order your groceries ahead of time from Albertsons. There are two options: 1) Drive Up & Go, where you order online and they load the groceries into your car or 2) Grocery Delivery, where it’s delivered right to your doorstep. I’m a big fan of both, but I’m especially a fan of their Grocery Delivery. You can order your groceries from your phone or computer, and it only takes a few minutes to order. Head to Albertsons’ website, featuring the Drive Up & Go/Grocery Delivery service where new customers receive $20 off + FREE Grocery Delivery on your first online order. If you’re an existing customer and already know how great this service is, remember to use time-saving services like Drive Up & Go at your local store or Grocery Delivery!

I purchased these products and more at my local Albertsons, but you can also look for Drive Up & Go and Grocery Delivery services at many Albertsons Companies family of stores including Safeway, Lucky, Pavilions, Randalls, Tom Thumb, Vons, and Pak N Save. Click below to check out the services at your local retailer!

Even just the time it usually takes me to load the groceries from the trunk to our car is a miracle in itself! I promise I’m not lazy… sometimes you just have to really prioritize your time and enjoy multitasking at its best. You get things marked off of your to-do list with convenience from your favorite grocery store while someone else does the shopping for you and brings it right to your door.

Grocery shopping aside, I think the most important thing you can do this time of year (as you may be feeling overwhelmed and exhausted) is to remember the phrase, “if it’s not a heck yes, then it’s a no”. Do the things that really matter to you. Remember that it’s okay if you don’t do it all, and it’s okay to ask for help, too!

Mama’s got her ice cream and sanity while the kiddos have their juice and applesauce and we have more time for the family. Thanks for saving my time and sanity this holiday season, Albertsons!


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