The Ultimate Fathers Day Gift Guide

The Ultimate Fathers Day Gift Guide featured by top Las Vegas lifestyle blogger


Father’s Day is just 12 days away! Brett always says he doesn’t need anything but over the years we have gotten him some pretty fun things. Here is a list of gifts in all different price ranges that Brett has absolutely loved, PLUS we are sharing our favorite tri tip recipe that we use on our smoker, make sure to scroll down for all our recommendations!


Fathers Day Gift Idea #1: a Traeger Grill

First of all, let’s talk about our Traeger. The gift that keeps on giving. I bought it for Brett last Father’s Day but we really didn’t start cooking with it until a few moths ago. Why? Because our entire kitchen was under a huge remodel and it was really tough to cook at home. In fact, we didn’t even have a kitchen sink for about 9 months! I gave up on cooking after a few weeks of washing dishes in the bath tub and bringing boxes of dishes over to my mother in laws house to wash. The kitchen is ALMOST done… we are still in the process of figuring out cabinet doors and pantry doors. Anyways, It feels good to cook again, especially on the Traeger! Tri tip is my favorite thing that Brett has made on the Traeger. It is pretty fool proof if you ask us!

The Tri Tip Recipe that we LOVE from

  1. When ready to cook, set Traeger temperature to 180℉ and preheat, lid closed for 15 minutes.
  2. Rub tri-tip with Traeger Beef Rub and coffee grounds (OR sometimes we use this coffee rub.) Place on the grill grate and smoke at 180℉ for 3 hours.
  3. Remove tri-tip and increase the grill temperature to 275℉.
  4. Double wrap the tri-tip in foil, return to grill and let cook for 45 to 90 minutes, or until the internal temperature reaches 130℉ to 135℉.
  5. Remove from the grill, unwrap foil and let it rest for 10 minutes before slicing.

You can feed a lot of people with this recipe, or you can get creative with your leftovers ie. tri tip sandwiches, steak and eggs, etc.

Fathers Day Gift Idea #2: a Yeti Cooler

This year we bought Brett this Yeti Cooler in white! It actually came a few weeks early so we were able to bust it out for a backyard BBQ this past weekend. It was perfect! There are a lot of different color and size options. It has rubber latches, a basket to keep things such as food separate from the rest. It can fit 42 cans of soda, so it keeps people outside instead of running in and out of the house with wet feet from the pool. I’m sure Brett will also take it on his annual fishing trip.

The Ultimate Fathers Day Gift Guide featured by top Las Vegas lifestyle blogger

Fathers Day Gift Idea #3: Clothes

Let’s talk about refreshing your man’s wardrobe. Nothing says happy Father’s Day like hinting to get rid of those graphic tees, cargo shorts, jorts, or baggy basketball shorts that are barely hanging on. Am I right? Here are a four staples that we have incorporated into Bretts wardrobe. They are simple, casual, and make me so happy now that we are past the RVCA stage.

Plain T shirts that look great with anything. They are a nice non see thru material with the perfect fit. They are currently 40% off.

Workout shorts that fit one thousand times better than baggy nike basketball shorts. It took a while to convince Brett to wear this brand, so I used a holiday as an excuse to buy him a pair! (Multiple patterns and colors are available.)

These shorts in the summer that are lightweight and pair perfectly with the plain t shirts mentioned above.

A pair of nice jeans that fit correctly. Brett likes straight fit or sometimes slim straights as long as they aren’t tight on the thighs! There are a lot of designer jeans 40-50% off right now!

Fathers Day Gift Idea #4: Speakers

Speakers! This one is my favorite. I can easily move it from the gym to the backyard and the sound is incredible… hence the name “Move.” We purchased all three below over the last year and they have been great. Brett LOVES them.

Fathers Day Gift Idea #5

Random other traditional gifts we have given Brett in the past!

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