Family Photos: the Farm (Washington Trip)

family photo idea

barn family picture

mom and baby

farm family picture

cute family picture

farm family picture

dad and baby

mom and baby

family photos
Me: Skirt (Sale + additional 40% off at checkout) | Shirt | Necklace | Shoes (similar)

Brett: Jeans | Shirt | Shoes

Baby: Shoes | Shirt (similar) | Pants

Family Photos

We’re back from our trip to Washington, and our hearts are full of so many sweet memories. Sometimes the best trips are the unplanned ones with absolutely no to-do lists. We had such a blast and I will be sharing a recap from our trip in a few days. I absolutely love these family photos that my friends sweet sister Norma shot for us. She has a a whole bunch of (the cutest) kids and she took time out of her day to come over and take these for us. Sometimes I really wish I could live in the country, but then Brett tells me he doesn’t think I would last. But hey, if Seattle is only two hours away, I think I could handle that when I need my city fix!

After Brett shot down my country living idea, I immediately texted my dad and asked them to move back to Washington. (He’s originally from there.) He told me if my sister and I move there, they will more there in a heart beat. So looks like we’re stuck in Vegas for now.  If I owned a white barn, I could almost guarantee that every single one of my outfit posts would be in front of it. 😉

The Outfit

My skirt is on sale plus an additional 40% at checkout. I love how flowy and airy it looks. We really didn’t do too much outfit planning when we were packing for this trip, but I think our family picture outfits came together nicely. Maybe that’s the key to family photos.. never overthink the outfits.

Trip recap coming soon.


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    1. You were born and raised there!? I would definitely move back if I were you! Its beautiful.

  1. Oh my goodness – I LOVE all the photos! If I had to pick a favorite it would be the one with Michael laughing with Brett – I want a white barn now! LOL – and Norma did a great job! <3